Lost Your Data, Here's How to Get it Back For Free?

Computer problems are many and a single mistake can make our life hard as well as full of struggle. Surely, you would already face various troubles with your computer and merely solved them on your own. Out of the most famous problems is to lose your computer data which requires much more effort, time and sometimes bunch of money to easily get it back. If you are facing similar condition or perhaps someone of your friend need help regarding recovery of their deleted/formatted or lost files, you may assure yourself that after carefully reading the post, you could recover your deleted files or folders from USB, hard drive, memory card etc. 

  1. Standard Internet Connectivity
  2. Problem Storage Device
  3. Another Storage device of similar or more space
What Actually Happen When Files Get Deleted Either Accidentally or Intentionally?

Whenever we save any files to the storage device, partitions file system (either NTFS or FAT) store record of that particular file in MFT (Master File Table) and fetch information from it while performing Read/Write Information. When the files get deleted, the space would be marked as free but the directory information for that particular will remain intact as long as the space isn't overwritten by other documents. So it is highly recommend avoiding using of that particular device or storage media have your deleted or formatted files. 
P.S. you can disconnect it (if it is system hard drive) and connect it to different computer so that you can safely backup your data.  

File deletion may occur due to bundle of reasons such as virus infection, partition formatting, human errors, power failure etc. which can makes your file inaccessible or hidden, but the steps which I'm going to mention below will also help to get back your precious files from such situations. 

How you can get it back?
As I already told you that deleted files were still recoverable if you believe that the deleted files aren’t overwritten or replaced by any other files. You can use various file recovery software to recover your data back from almost any type of storage devices. Recovery software is created using extensive powerful algorithms to deeply scan the problem media and find each and every byte of deleted or formatted data. All you need to know is to know the basic recovery steps such as quick recovery, delete file recovery, RAW Recovery etc.  

There is various free and paid recovery software exclusively designed to perform standard recovery on the desired media but the results may vary as there were no guarantee of data recovery. I’d recommend some data recovery software that you can use and get promising results.

Recuva (Piriform): When you are hunting for free software, Recuva should be your first choice as it effectively scans almost any type of device and can recover non damaged or overwritten data. 

You can download it from here:  http://www.piriform.com/recuva/download

Piriform Recuva

After downloading and installing the application, you can see the shortcut of it at your desktop. Double click on it and choose your problem device as well as preferred method of recovery.  Wait some time and bingo, all your deleted files will be visible and ready to recover.

Stellar Phoenix:  Stellar Phoenix provides range of data recovery software capable enough to recover partition, emails, images etc. from damaged or malfunctioned hard drive, removable storage devices, corrupted or inaccessible memory card etc.

Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery Software

All steps were remain same except some added functionality and advanced recovery options, helps you in recovering data when any other software is incapable to recover or even show in search results. 

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