Can there be a Facebook killer?

In this era of social networking when you want to exchange your contact details with people you get to know for the first time, mostly you give your Facebook account name. Haven’t you noticed? Yes, there is not any other social networking website than Facebook.

Ever since the day Facebook have been launched-since 2002, experts have been trying to come up with the idea that once there will be created another social networking website which will instantly gather an army of users, will knock Facebook down and leave it under the shade of their fame and glory.

So attempts were made and today every newly born programmer tries to launch a social networking website to gain users and attract the younger population of the world. Among the websites that once were meant to be “Facebook killers” and somehow scared experts that Facebook will withdraw because of their rapid success were, Diaspora, Anybeat, Heello,, Unthink. All these websites once were seen as serious rivals for Facebook, but all they disappeared and were left behind because of their unreasonable steps and strategies they had.

And finally at the end of 2012 on June the most powerful and the greatest corporation Google launched a fresh and new-fallen social networking service that as experts said no doubts would be considered as the first Facebook Killer that appeared on the web. It was Google +, even the name was scary because it was thought to be as powerful as its Google-which gave “birth” to it. All the features- hangouts, circles, the opportunity to make direct searches on Google were new to internet users community and even in this short period of time it managed to get 250 millions of users. But presently it also retreated to Facebook and remained behind it and Twitter.

Today Facebook is the only social networking website which has 900 millions of users. Once it has been very difficult to get fast facebook fans but nowadays it’s just the opposite. And everybody will surely say that no other social networking website or platform can be considered a serious rival for Facebook or a Facebook Killer. Since the day Facebook have been launched its creators weren’t sitting with the hands folded. They worked in order to achieve and even despite its drawbacks concerning privacy data which is sometimes collected and shared, Facebook is the only place where we can not only chat, hang with our friends, share photos, comment , write innumerable statuses but also get the vast amount of information from the pages we are subscribed to.

We may say without hesitation that there is no alternative to our favorite hangout- Facebook, which is our second “home” today!

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I am Roman-a guest blogger interested in everything concerning Social Media: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Marketing and do write about them by myself. We offer to buy Twitter Followers, GetFastFacebookFans and YouTube views.

I am an Internet Marketer who specializes in Social Networking Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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