The Benefits of Cisco Certifications

The Benefits of Cisco Certifications
If you’re thinking of entering the IT world as a networking professional, becoming a Cisco certified technician should be your top priority. Cisco Certified Network Technicians are more likely to get hired because they have a specialty certification that many companies look for, and often make ten percent over their counterparts in the industry.

What are Cisco Certifications?
There are four types of Cisco certifications: the Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT), the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) and the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE).
CCENT is the entry level certification for Cisco networking systems. Individuals with this certification are familiar with network maintenance and small network deployment.
CCNA training gives the most common certification in the Cisco series. Individuals with this certification are familiar with advanced level maintenance of network systems and are often referred to as support engineers. This certification is often achieved after someone has been working as a CCENT for a few years.
CCNP is an advanced certificate that is normally held by network designers or network security professionals. Individuals with this certification are familiar with network design, security and switching.
CCIE is the most advanced certification offered through Cisco. CCIE certified professionals often take a supervisory role in a company’s IT and networking departments. They are well versed in everything related to Cisco networking systems. These individuals normally acquire a salary of over $120,000 per year.
The Benefits of being Cisco Certified
If you haven’t already started the path to obtaining a Cisco certification, consider the following benefits that many certified network professionals already enjoy:
Career Advancement- Potential employers often look at certifications as a way to determine what type of background in networking you have. Those with Cisco certifications enjoy a much improved chance of getting hired or promoted over non-certified professionals.
Higher Salary- The average salary for an individual with a CCENT certification is $65,000 per year. This salary decreases by at least ten percent for someone who has similar experience but no certification.
Earning Respect- This may not seem like a big deal, but respect in the IT industry can have a huge impact on career advancement. Earning a Cisco certification will get you the respect you deserve among your peers. If one of your fellow network technicians is working for a company that is in need of a new networking employee, they may throw their weight behind your name as a recommendation.
Educational Advancement- Companies will value employees with certifications more than those that don’t. With the ever-changing networking world, continued education is extremely important. If your employer values you and your skills, they will be more than happy to pay for any networking or computer courses that you desire to take.

Victor is a regular contributor of Techie-world, who enjoys sharing tips on tech-related issues. With plenty of experience teaching at CCNA training courses and working as an IT consultant, he also contributes regularly to several tech blogs and publications . 
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Steps To Select Offshore Mobile Application Development Company

Steps To Select Offshore Mobile Application Development Company
Selecting the perfect mobile app development firm is not always simple as it appears to be. The purpose is when you look for mobile application programmer rather than main search phrases on the search engine, you landslide with thousands of companies therefore that provide themselves as most effective application development company. The occult so unknown is it's not required that what all happens on the 1st page are the finest companies in the entire world. Right here I provide a few of very useful guidelines to choose perfect iPad application programmer from a well-known organization. Although there are a lot of possibilities available even for creating mobile applications, I attempt to apparent the issue in an easy way in order that you can spend less time and money.

Firstly, we would understand why select mobile apps development company over a self-employed who also can create application for smart gadgets like iPad. The purpose is right as an organization, they can present much greater solutions and solid services. Like a firm again, they have greater durability, sources and most likely newest resources and technology as in comparison to iPad applications self-employed programmer. Evermore, a lot of the iPhone development companies and also professional outsource iPhone development companies have team of professionals in iOS apps program. They are the organization so can be good in the technological innovation because of their employees.

Basically search for the primary keyword and key term or appropriate key term of hire dedicated developer for your app. You'll have thousands of web pages with worried outcomes. It is really simple to discover the total number of mobile application company but then the key is selecting the one that is suitable, authentic and expert in the sector.

Now, I give something important factors to selecting most ideal outsource mobile development company. These tips also apply to select expert offshore mobile app development companies too. Analyze the organization information. Since how much time, they are in the sector of iOS applications development. The most significant thing for any mobile application development particularly custom-made application is sources. Validate the company has good sources to develop best apps. The facilities do create the distinction. Consult the organization for their how many iPad app programmers for hire. If you can select the professional in iOS applications programming, it is really very most effective. Choose those with knowledge and ability to develop apps in your time at affordable cost.

About Author:
Darrell Morgan is professional content writer who wrote lots of articles on mobile application development industry and also for iPhone apps development companies.
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Picking the Correct UPS device

Picking the Correct UPS device

Buying an UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a pretty sensible thing to do, it protects your computer from the rises and falls in the power output of your home, and in case of a full fledged blackout you have on average some 20-30 minutes of run time for your computer, just enough to finish up your work - save files or video games, bookmark internet pages, pause a download, and safely turn of the computer. Once you decide to go out and buy an UPS you are immediately faced with a series of questions that you can’t seem to find an answer to: how do you pick the right one for your specific configuration, which brands have a good track record, how long until you need to buy some UPS replacement batteries, and so on. Here are some things you should consider when choosing an UPS.

Calculating wattage

You will need to find out what kind of wattage your computer has, so you know what kind of UPS to get. Most computers will run at a relatively low wattage, but you will want to be precise, and there are basically two ways you can go about this:
Measure your wattage – you can buy a watt hour-meter, plug it in an outlet, plug your computer into it, and simply read out the results.

Look at the back of the computer and sum up all the ratings given by the manufacturer – look for the “input” ratings, you will find V (Volts), A (Amperes), W (Watts) and VA (Volt-Amperes), you need the numerical values of the VA or W (if there is no VA, you can get the VA by multiplying the lower value for V with the value for A), write down these values for the computer and monitor. You can take the value for W and multiply it by 0.6 to get the corresponding VA value, so you should convert the values of any components that only have the W listed to VA and sum them up to get your total VA.

Go online to get a rough estimate – some sites offer UPS sizing calculators, where you can input your computer configuration and get a rough estimate of how many watts your UPS needs to have. These will give you a general idea of what you are looking for, but they are not very precise.

Once you have the result you will know the kind of wattage you need, going a little over this number (lets say 50% more) might be a good idea, just to be on the safe side. If you want to plug in two computers into the UPS then simply calculate their combined wattage.

Popular Brands

APC is probably the most popular brand out there, they have a proven track record amongst professional and private users and will have something to offer to both the big time companies and the regular folk. They have high quality models with integrated battery monitoring systems with displays that will show you a clear reading of the various parameters like voltage and resistance. APC has readily available UPS replacement batteries that are easy to install and  will last for quite a while. Some other brands include Liebert, CyberPower and Trip Lite.

Replacing the batteries

The batteries in UPS devices sold for the home computer are Sealed Lead Acid Batteries, they should be kept in a well ventilated, dry room with the temperature kept at or below 75 degrees Fahrenheit. If properly maintained they will last some 3 to 5 years before needing a replacement, and replacement batteries can be stored for about a year, maybe more if they are charged from time to time.

These are some of the things to keep in mind when searching for a UPS, make sure you know the wattage that you need (or the VA value) and don’t forget that a UPS is only there to keep the computer going long enough for you to save your work and shut it down safely (about 20-30 minutes) so when the power goes out don’t take too long.

Author bio:
This article is a part of the research that Alex is doing for HTBS related to replacement batteries and  UPS electronic devices.
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The New iPhone 5 is Here!

The New iPhone 5 is Here!

New Apple iPhone 5

The iPhone was unveiled by Apple a few days ago on September 12th, today (September 19th) we have iOS 6 being released for download, and in just two more days the iPhone 5 will be officially on-sale to take home (as of September 21st), so it’s very exciting times for Apple and Apple enthusiasts alike.

The iPhone 5 is probably the iPhone that has changed the most since the first generation iPhone waas launched back in 2007, this time around we have seen changes to the design, the size, the materials used, and of course, improvements to the hardware specifications and the software OS used on the device.

In this post we’re going to take a look at the highlighted changes that have been brought to the iPhone by the iPhone 5.

New Improved Igzo Screen

The iPhone 5 brings us the first iPhone ever to come with a bigger screen. The iPhone 5 has an impressive 4-Inch screen with a 16:9 ratio and running a screen resolution of 1136 x 640 – so it’s not quite HD yet, but it’s still a very, very impressive retina display which boasts 44% more colour saturation than the iPhone 4S retina screen.

The extra space on the screen makes room to fit an extra row of app icons in on the homescreen, which is a nice addition.

A6 Processor and New Battery

As we come to expect from each new iPhone, Apple have once again updated the processor and the battery power of the device. The iPhone brings us the A6 processor – double the proccessing power, double to the graphics power and a fraction of the size of the A5, so some great improvements there.

The iPhone 5 also has a new battery which is capable of providing more power to the iPhone 5 so that you can go for longer without a charge, something which I’m sure most iPhone users will be happy to hear.

New Design

The iPhone 5 is one of the first in years to come with a new design. Not only is the iPhone 5 both taller and slimmer than the iPhone 4S, but it also makes use of new materials too. The new iPhone 5 has a very attractive looking backplate that comes in a two tone metallic finish, rather than the standard black or white glossy finish we had on the iPhone 4S.

I think the new materials look much more business orientated than the iPhone 4S materials, I just hope that they don’t scratch as easily as some of the metallic materials Apple have used in the past.

4G LTE Networking

This is something which many phone manufacturers are now trying to get involved with. 4G LTE provides super-fast mobile broadband, often delivering speeds much quicker than those you can get over most WiFi connections. So for the world of smartphones, video streaming and such, 4G is going to be a game changer.

At the moment not all network service providers have the capabilities to support 4G speeds yet, but Apple are said to be working closely with many service providers to try and bring them up to speed and capable of providing 4G services to their customers.

Because as it stands, those service providers who can offer 4G will have a much greater selling point for the iPhone 5compared to those who can’t.

And More…

There is more to the iPhone 5 than that, notably thanks to iOS 6. The new mobile operating system which Apple have released alongside the iPhone 5. iOS 6 brings a whole heap of updates and new features in itself, it looks like a very exciting update and is going to complement the iPhone 5 superbly.

What do you think of the iPhone 5 so far? Will you be ordering one? Have you pre-ordered one? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Author Bio: 

Nathan is an Apple enthusiast who loves all things Apple and iPhone (iSheep). He even runs a website providing information on Howto Unlock iPhone 5 from Unlock iPhone Worldwide.
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Can there be a Facebook killer?

Can there be a Facebook killer?

In this era of social networking when you want to exchange your contact details with people you get to know for the first time, mostly you give your Facebook account name. Haven’t you noticed? Yes, there is not any other social networking website than Facebook.

Ever since the day Facebook have been launched-since 2002, experts have been trying to come up with the idea that once there will be created another social networking website which will instantly gather an army of users, will knock Facebook down and leave it under the shade of their fame and glory.

So attempts were made and today every newly born programmer tries to launch a social networking website to gain users and attract the younger population of the world. Among the websites that once were meant to be “Facebook killers” and somehow scared experts that Facebook will withdraw because of their rapid success were, Diaspora, Anybeat, Heello,, Unthink. All these websites once were seen as serious rivals for Facebook, but all they disappeared and were left behind because of their unreasonable steps and strategies they had.

And finally at the end of 2012 on June the most powerful and the greatest corporation Google launched a fresh and new-fallen social networking service that as experts said no doubts would be considered as the first Facebook Killer that appeared on the web. It was Google +, even the name was scary because it was thought to be as powerful as its Google-which gave “birth” to it. All the features- hangouts, circles, the opportunity to make direct searches on Google were new to internet users community and even in this short period of time it managed to get 250 millions of users. But presently it also retreated to Facebook and remained behind it and Twitter.

Today Facebook is the only social networking website which has 900 millions of users. Once it has been very difficult to get fast facebook fans but nowadays it’s just the opposite. And everybody will surely say that no other social networking website or platform can be considered a serious rival for Facebook or a Facebook Killer. Since the day Facebook have been launched its creators weren’t sitting with the hands folded. They worked in order to achieve and even despite its drawbacks concerning privacy data which is sometimes collected and shared, Facebook is the only place where we can not only chat, hang with our friends, share photos, comment , write innumerable statuses but also get the vast amount of information from the pages we are subscribed to.

We may say without hesitation that there is no alternative to our favorite hangout- Facebook, which is our second “home” today!

About the author
I am Roman-a guest blogger interested in everything concerning Social Media: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Marketing and do write about them by myself. We offer to buy Twitter Followers, GetFastFacebookFans and YouTube views.

I am an Internet Marketer who specializes in Social Networking Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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Lost Your Data, Here's How to Get it Back For Free?

Lost Your Data, Here's How to Get it Back For Free?

Computer problems are many and a single mistake can make our life hard as well as full of struggle. Surely, you would already face various troubles with your computer and merely solved them on your own. Out of the most famous problems is to lose your computer data which requires much more effort, time and sometimes bunch of money to easily get it back. If you are facing similar condition or perhaps someone of your friend need help regarding recovery of their deleted/formatted or lost files, you may assure yourself that after carefully reading the post, you could recover your deleted files or folders from USB, hard drive, memory card etc. 

  1. Standard Internet Connectivity
  2. Problem Storage Device
  3. Another Storage device of similar or more space
What Actually Happen When Files Get Deleted Either Accidentally or Intentionally?

Whenever we save any files to the storage device, partitions file system (either NTFS or FAT) store record of that particular file in MFT (Master File Table) and fetch information from it while performing Read/Write Information. When the files get deleted, the space would be marked as free but the directory information for that particular will remain intact as long as the space isn't overwritten by other documents. So it is highly recommend avoiding using of that particular device or storage media have your deleted or formatted files. 
P.S. you can disconnect it (if it is system hard drive) and connect it to different computer so that you can safely backup your data.  

File deletion may occur due to bundle of reasons such as virus infection, partition formatting, human errors, power failure etc. which can makes your file inaccessible or hidden, but the steps which I'm going to mention below will also help to get back your precious files from such situations. 

How you can get it back?
As I already told you that deleted files were still recoverable if you believe that the deleted files aren’t overwritten or replaced by any other files. You can use various file recovery software to recover your data back from almost any type of storage devices. Recovery software is created using extensive powerful algorithms to deeply scan the problem media and find each and every byte of deleted or formatted data. All you need to know is to know the basic recovery steps such as quick recovery, delete file recovery, RAW Recovery etc.  

There is various free and paid recovery software exclusively designed to perform standard recovery on the desired media but the results may vary as there were no guarantee of data recovery. I’d recommend some data recovery software that you can use and get promising results.

Recuva (Piriform): When you are hunting for free software, Recuva should be your first choice as it effectively scans almost any type of device and can recover non damaged or overwritten data. 

You can download it from here:

Piriform Recuva

After downloading and installing the application, you can see the shortcut of it at your desktop. Double click on it and choose your problem device as well as preferred method of recovery.  Wait some time and bingo, all your deleted files will be visible and ready to recover.

Stellar Phoenix:  Stellar Phoenix provides range of data recovery software capable enough to recover partition, emails, images etc. from damaged or malfunctioned hard drive, removable storage devices, corrupted or inaccessible memory card etc.

Stellar Phoenix Partition Recovery Software

All steps were remain same except some added functionality and advanced recovery options, helps you in recovering data when any other software is incapable to recover or even show in search results. 
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How To Enjoy Better Performance From Your Linux VPS

How To Enjoy Better Performance From Your Linux VPS

If you are looking for a way to get the benefits of all the great features you can find on a dedicated server, without having to pay the high prices associated with one, a Linux VPS is a great option. If you do make the leap and get yourself a Linux VPS, you will need to invest some time into learning how to get the most bang for your buck. The amount of money you invest into your VPS will determine how much system resources you can use. Considering that the cheaper VPS’s are quite limited, you’ll need to fine tune your system settings. I’ll give you several ways that you can get your new server to perform better, using the same hardware as before.

Get Rid Of Unneeded System Services

The first thing you should do when you get a new Linux VPS, is to figure out which services are currently running. After you have figured that out, you should disable those that you have no use for. If you leave services running that have no use, they will use up your precious RAM and CPU, thus slowing down your VPS. Another good reason to keep your services to a minimum is; every service you have running opens up another avenue of attack for malicious individuals. So use as few as possible.

Be Sure MySql Is Setup The Correct Way

One more great way to keep your system running smoothly is to make sure that you are running MySql with the proper cache size selected. Experiment with various settings and observe how your VPS reacts from each change. After some time you’ll find the settings that give the best results.

Take The Time To Configure Apache

When you are running on limited resources, making sure Apache is fine tuned is another necessity. Entire books have been written about Apache so I can’t go into it too deep in this article, but make sure that you set the proper amount of memory needed by Apache. Another important setting to play with is the StartServers and MinSpareServers. Getting these settings right will save you a lot of server crashes in the future.

Only Use The Modules You Need

In every piece of software you use, there will always be modules that are running that you aren’t using. Be sure to check the configuration files for all software you are running, and try to disable any modules that you don’t need. There are tons of modules like this in Apache and PHP. This is another great way to free up resources on your VPS.

Don’t Use A Server Control Panel If You Don’t Have To

While control panels make doing web maintenance like installing and managing domains easier on your Linux VPS, they use a ton of resources. With a control panel maybe you could only run a handful of domains. If you don’t use a control panel though, you could probably run 4 times that or more. If you find that going without a control panel is too tough for you, you can always install it again later.

If you take the time to read the manuals for the software that’s running on your Linux VPS, you’ll find it’s not too hard to learn which features you don’t need. By getting rid of those you aren’t using, you can enjoy a smoother and better running VPS.

Victor is a regular contributor of Techie-world, who enjoys sharing tips on tech-related issues. LinuxVPS and cloud computing in general are amongst his favorite topics. With plenty of experience as a consultant he contributes regularly to several tech blogs and publications. 
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5 Common Reasons behind Windows XP Start up Problems with Subsequent Solutions

5 Common Reasons behind Windows XP Start up Problems with Subsequent Solutions
Windows has been the most popular OS since many years due to of excellent GUI and improved level of security. Though, some of its annoying error and related file system issues makes it less preferred OS among us. In this article, you may get the complete idea about why start up problems occur in XP and similar OS i.e., Windows 7, Vista, 2000 etc. as well as the handful ways to solve the same in less complex ways. 

Causes behind startup problems

Among various known start up issues, below are the top 5 most common problems that makes Windows unable to boot or go to the desktop screen. 

1.  Failing Hardware: The common reason in most of the startup problem cases do occurs due to of failing system hardware or its parts and may throws you in deep trouble by preventing you to access your system or any of its stored data. Hardware problems range from minor failure to major, after which you've to invest good amount of time and money to make it fixed.

2. Outdated or old drivers: As the name suggests, some of your system drivers become outdated as the time pasts and stop supporting your current operating system. As results, your windows may start to give different type of BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) errors and needs to be updated before you can use your system again. 

3.  Damaged or Malfunctioned File System: Since Windows & IBM File System discoveries, we may have heard about different type of file system i.e. NTFS, FAT, Ex-FAT etc. which plays an important role in smooth and efficiently running of your operating system. In case any of your system files got corrupted, your windows might start to fail and so as your current file system. As file system contains booting information and several others, booting problems arises.

4. Virus/malware attack: First and foremost important things to check in your system after facing such start up problems, is for virus/malware issues. Virus may eventually access confidential data and corrupt booting files to get full unauthorized access. Fresh installation might do the needful tasks but you should ensure yourself that all your current data will be lost and become non recoverable forever.

5.  Registry Corruption: This might occur due of installing unauthorized or faulty computer programs. This provides severe damage to your system registries or alter its value in a way that Window won't capable to read it.  Registries are an important part of your system and requires by your system to perform normal computer operation. 

How to find the relevant causes behind such start up problems?
Before leading to any conclusive decision, we need to manually check and find the exact cause behind start up error that you're facing currently. System may give start up error either because of damaged hardware, virus corruption or missing/deleted/damaged system files etc. and then after we can follow the solutions accordingly. 

You could hear grinding or spinning sound from around the hard drive or smell something burning from the CPU. Immediately shut down the computer and remove the case and check for any failing equipment you could found. If you found one remove it and again test the system to see if its start to work again. 

You could also see several black screen error messages such as:
  • "NTLDR is missing"
  • "Missing Operating System"
  • "Drive not accessible"
  • "Unmountable boot volume"
  • "Missing an important system files"
The above mentioned errors can be thrown by your system, if its suffering from serious damages because of virus/malware corruption, corrupted or deleted system files, corrupted registries, outdated driver. These errors are also responsible for various STOP or Blue Screen Error messages which is little hectic to troubleshoot and need professional helps.

What are the possible solutions?
Below mentioned are some common solutions which you can follow immediately after facing any of above mentioned error:

Using advanced start up options: Windows has facilitated its users with bunch of utilities to mitigate various startup problems on their own such as safe mode, system restore, last known good configuration etc. You can easily get to the 'Advanced Start up options' by pressing and holding F8 keys just after starting the system.  You can try each option separately and pin point if any of them can help you to get your system back so that you can restore it to recent working state. 

Using start up repair CD/DVD: Windows has provided system start up repair CD/DVD at free of cost to their customers and can be downloaded from any of the open source website. You can create a CD or DVD of this start up repair and can use its various functionality such as Start up RepairSystem RestoreSystem Image RecoveryCommand Prompt, and Memory Diagnostic. Each of these options used for different purposes and helps you in accessing your   system back again. 

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What to Look in New Nokia Lumia 920 With Windows 8 Enabled

What to Look in New Nokia Lumia 920 With Windows 8 Enabled
Howdy tech lovers!! Today we are desperate to write about new NOKIA Lumia 920 featured with Windows 8. You can get many tech savvy advantages over this phone as well as some minor disadvantages. Though, This phone overall wins excellent user response from all over the world as it competes well establish smart phones such as Samsung Galaxy S2 or Apple iPhone 4 etc. 

Nokia Lumia 920

You can look over the full phone specifications here and get clear idea about how Nokia is making most of their market profits using Lumia. What you think if you don't have to plug the phone on power supply source except to just put it on Wifi Pad charger. 

Lets look at the most attracting feature of Nokia Lumia 920 which makes you excited to try it:

  • You can test the benefit of using Windows 8 prior to it's market release (which would be nearly one month from now)
  •  2G, 3G, 4G Network Support
  • Great Speed - 1GB RAM with Dual-Core 1.5 GHz krait processor and excellent storing capacity -32GB of internal Memory. 
  • 8MP of camera with optical image stabilization capability, that means you can capture still pictures in real time. 

All in all, this phone gives you all basic as well as advanced capability to do basic tasks and official purposes in a cost that no other phone can give. The most talk and my faviorate features which might be the reason  for me to buy it which is Windows 8 enabled. Probably, I can buy Microsoft surface Tabs but I knew I can buy 4 or more Nokia Lumia 920 in price of Microsoft Surface Tabs. 

Hopes you like this review and appreciate it. Just say your heart by posting your valuable comments. 

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