Important Details About ICANN-gTLD's-IANA and Its Uses

Since the discovery of internet long ago, many technologies has been evolved and still continue. Internet is what which helps people, business and government to expand their business base or broadcast any  information to the world. All it need is to have a domain name known as web address and web hosting where all information as well as web pages can be saved. 

In this article, you can get advanced information about modern domain names (gTLD's) and all the details which can make your business look different over Internet along with all the requisite and reference to the helpful web pages.

What exactly is ICANN & gTLD's?
ICANN stands for The Internet Corporation For Assigned Names & Numbers, founded on September 1998 is a privately held non profit organization headquartered in California, USA. ICANN is responsible for domain authorizing, stable and secure operation over Internet. Moreover, It facilitates simple and entasiaustic oppotunities for small, mid or global business to become unified and known in the world on domain basis. ICANN mainly comes into existence widely after introducing the new domain allocation technique called generic Top-Level-Domain.

gTLD's are just like Top-Level-Domain (.net,.com,.gove,.edu as well as .biz, .name, .app etc.) authorized & maintained by ICANN.  In othe words, it is the Country Top-Level-Domain (cTLD's) just like .us, .fr, .cz etc. gTLD's are often hard to acquire as it requires proper verification and many credentials. Below is the  top list of some standard list of gTLD's that ICANN will going to offer as well as some are already on sale:

  • .APP
  • .BLOG
  • .CHAT
  • .CLICK
  • .CLOUD
  • .CODES
  • .DATA
  • .DOCS
  • .DOT
  • .DVR
  • .EMAIL
  • .EPOST
  • .HOST
  • .IDN
  • .LINK
  • .MAIL
  • .MAP
  • .MEDIA
  • .MEET
  • .MOV
  • .MSD
  • .PHONE
  • .QPON
  • .RADIO
  • .SEEK
  • .SITE
  • .SOLAR
  • .TECH
  • .TUBE
  • .WANG
  • .WEB
  • .WEIBO
  • .ZIP
Infographic: History of gTLD's:

gTLD's Resources History

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