BSOD - The All time Famous & Tragic Computer Problem

BSOD - The All time Famous & Tragic Computer Problem

You may see many computer problems throughout the days since you are using your computer. It's possible that many times you've faced BSOD problems too and get familiar enough about its impact. In this article, I will give some deep insights about those tragic moments when BSOD error happens with complete reasons as well as the proper solution to fix it immediately.

NOTE: To understand this article, you need to be a tech savvy or at least starter, otherwise some difficulties you may found while performing the solutionary steps.

What is BSOD and Why It's happening?

BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) is a problem which relates to either hardware or software problems attached or installed on your computer system like programs, mouse, driver, hard drive etc. BSOD is also known as 'STOP Error', means you can't able to access your system or the data contained onto it just after occurring of this error.   

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