Aug 24, 2015

12 Best Time Tracking Apps that Could Save the Day

Why Time Tracking Software?

Using online time tracking software, you can analyze or calculate the exact hours of work you’ve applied on project, client or employee. Currently, there are many apps or desktop applications available that could help you monitor the productive hours of employee or even help you identify the currently active tasks on the employee system. 

This is indeed a great way to save you or your company from reducing unproductive hours and stay ahead in the competition.  I believe that employee time tracking software could enhance the productivity of an employees by guiding them to stay active maximum number of hours and thus, you’ll be more close to your business goals or deliver projects faster.

What are the time tracking apps in the list?

You can best 10 online time tracking software that are pretty popular these days and considered to be the most reliable platform in terms of security and user data privacy. Most apps or desktop based applications support availability on the go or through mobile which makes you proactive all day towards your business goals.

#1. Paymo
Paymo reserved the top position in the list with maximum inbuilt features and easiness. We’ve scaled and gone through over 100 of online time tracking apps and measured its effectiveness. Paymo works best if you are into freelance journalism or running small business by monitoring the accurate time you’ve spent working on client projects or any internal work.

                     web based time tracking software

  1. Automated time tracking tools for accurately billing clients and make your charges reasonable.
  2. Accurate timesheet reports with an easy start and stop function
  3. All the work log will be easily recorded with pretty accurate start and end time.
  4. Small desktop app to easily record everything, available for Windows & Mac both.
  5. Manage everything on your timesheets and view data in familiar calendar style design with days, week or month views.
  1. Can edit time entries yourself right into the desktop app which clearly doesn’t seems good sign.
  2. Accurate but not that much in filtering the time spent on any specific websites. It’ll skip time you’re logged onto secure browser windows like incognito in Chrome.
#2. WorkPlus

                                  web based time tracking software
  1. Pretty good at monitoring apps, websites or even the currently active window.
  2. Monitor everything online in real time or keep it recorded so you can track time later.
  3. Easy to setup and perfect for users with beginner level of expertise.
  4. Available for any latest version of Windows like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 or XP.
#3. Toggl
Simple yet insanely powerful and free time tracking software with paid plans that lets you keep track of everything on your fingertips. You can make it truly yours by customizing the backed codes and see only things that matters to you in timesheet.

                                web based time tracking software
  1. Improves productivity by prioritizing tasks that crucial for your business and lets you focus only on important tasks.
  2. Enhance your analysis skills by presenting customized set of Windows and lets you track every single minute of working hours.
  3. Completely cloud based time tracking software but with capability to use over web, as a desktop widget or on your mobile.

#4. Time Doctor
This one is pretty accurate at time tracks completely in web interface.

                            web based time tracking software
  1. Set everything up in minutes using step by step wizard.
  2. Pretty accurate employee time tracking software with detailed project analysis, how many hours you’ve to any particular project.
  3. It can set reminders, record screen. Invoicing capability, automatically generate and send reports, timesheet managing etc.
#5. TimeClock Manager
Everything in control with TimeClock Manager and complete employee time tracking utility.

                               web based time tracking software
  1. Set individual pay and rule with customized tab interface
  2. Small time tracking app that works well across varied industry needs and different niches.
  3. Everything will be upload the TimeClock official website and reduce extra costs
  4. Available as per employee license software and will be valid for lifetime period. You’ll be billed at the end of the year for any additional licenses added during the period.
#6. Tsheets
                                 web based time tracking software
  1. Record employee location using GPS enabled mobile devices once they logged into their system.
  2. Complete web based time tracking software that works with different size capacity of business.
  3. Track everything online and whatever you need using the mobile app available for iPhone and Android users.
  4. Easily notify employee about overtime, project completions or overdue using emails, text messages, twitter messages etc.
  5. Detailed and comprehensive timesheets for employee payroll including the working and non-working hours.
#7. Timeneye
                             web based time tracking software
  1. As like others, Timeneye is also a web based time tracking app that helps you manage everything while sitting anywhere.
  2. Easily grasp how things work using intuitive interface. Start counter whenever you are ready and stop when it’s done.
  3. Pretty advanced features for admin role users who can control and increase employee productivity on project they are working.
  4. Better project monitoring by avoiding unnecessary hours on any assigned projects in real time.
  5. Employee collaboration on timesheets which include the details about working hours given on any projects. That helps employee grade themselves and better decide their productivity impact.

#8. Clockodo                                     web based time tracking software clockodo
  1. Clear and visibly appealing reports helps you and your employee watch over the time spent on any given projects.
  2. Instantly track times categorized under different roles in your company like customers, projects or occupations.
  3. Customize and make it truly yours by defining things only you need to watch over under ‘Settings’ option of this web based time tracking app.
#9. Replicon
                                 web based time tracking software replicon
  1. Perfect fit if you are facing compliances within the company. It’ll record every single seconds of employee working as well as the attendance and generate detailed timesheets at the end of the month.
  2. Currently, web app available for iOS and Android users for using Replicon on mobile phones.
  3. Don’t take worries of incremented data storage issues, Replicon will store everything up for in their cloud based platform which is secure and has maximum up time servers.
#10. GetHarvest
                                    web based time tracking software harvest
  1. First time tracking application in the list that designed to make your employee comfortable while handling tasks.
  2. Better timesheets managing capability every employee need with neat and tidy interface.
  3. Real time access to reports so you can better track ongoing projects in the company and plan budget or time accordingly.
#11. Workforce
                             web based time tracking software workforce
  1. Integrated with HR and payroll options to better decide employee salary.
  2. Schedule daily shifts for your employee (s) and get them notified instantly.
  3. Currently, only phone and email support is available (no chat options).
#12. Yanomo
                                  web based time tracking software yanomo
  1. With 17 days free trail, you can start using Yanomo online time tracking software as low as $5 / month.
  2. You can take the tour anytime to get yourself better understand how easy is it to using Yanomo.
  3. Integrated calendar to see how many hours you’ve given on any particular project.
  4. Integrated invoicing features lets your client get notified the exact hours you’ve worked on.

Aug 23, 2015

Check for Virus Infected Files Online using VirtusTotal

While surfing net, we may have came across files that our antivirus program tends to block. These files have been created to infect your PC and infect your PC. later, It'll be the only record that breas everything into your PC and steal your crucial documents.

See the image below of an email I've received few days back that states somebody has shown interest in working with me on a project. I don't know how this guy got my email and what kind of project he's talking about. Still, I'd rather not work with someone I don't know or even share my details.

Similar emails has been used to trick users to download any particular files on their computer/PC and open it. As soon as you open the attached document, it'll inject malicious codes onto your system that will share everything from the system and upload it to their servers.

To be safe side, just unplug internet connection (your LAN cable or modem you are using to connect to internet) and run Antivirus program. If you don't know how to deal with such malicious files, consider seeing an expert help.

How to check for infected files (PDF, Word, Excel etc.) Online?

I'd recommend you to check almost every files you've download over web, before opening it into your system. VirtusTotal is a free online tool that helps you check files for its consistency and your safety.

You can directly upload any file to VirusTotal and click on 'Scan It!'. Wait for few seconds (it may take little longer if the file size is large) till this online tool completes scanning.


This tool will scan for virus infected files using over 200 online file scanning tools to let you know if the files is safe to open or not.

If you've any specific tools to search for the safety of downloaded documents,feel free to share it in the comment section.

Have a great day!!!

Aug 13, 2015

9 Best Alternatives to FreshBooks and ZOHO Invoicing Software(August, 2015)

What is FreshBooks Invoice?
Founded by Michael McDermant and Joe Sawada in 2003, FreshBooks offer easy and convenient way to bill client (create invoices) from any place and one of the best accounting software for small business. You can create invoices of your work or order and directly send it to your client in minutes which nearly saves hours of extra work in month. 

Why you should choose alternatives to FreshBooks?
Although FreshBooks is considered to be safe and reliable, user still looks for free alternatives due to heavy costing and nature of business they’re running (from tiny to small businesses that doesn’t have long list of customers). Moreover, FreshBooks customer often complaints about invoicing behavior of the software. I’d like to mention some of the main advantages of using FreshBooks that you might take into considerations while looking for alternatives:
  1. Payment notifications to client along with due date or overdue alert to billing date. That would have needed if you don’t want to remind your client again and again by sending series of invoice of same work.
  2. Customer service is crucial so you can get instant information about almost anything. Customer support is not always trustworthy and you are advised to seek some expert reviews or customer feedback about the product you are going to choose.
  3. UX/UI has a tremendous role in increasing your day to day productivity. You may find FreshBooks more competent and reliable in terms of creating/modifying/managing invoices over others. 

OK. What are the Freshbooks alternatives?

#1. PayPanther 

Use PayPanther if you are seriously depressed with FreshBook design and rare interface. PayPanther lets you access the entire framework through computers, smartphone or tablets. Adjustable design that will completely fits to your device screen and can make your invoicing task easier and trouble free.

Alternatives to Freshbooks Paypanther

    1. Easily integrate PayPanther with any or all your favorite apps Gmail, Google Calendar, QuickBooks etc.
    2. Secure and reliable with maximum possible uptime that takes care of all type of man in the middle attacks (trojan, malware etc.)
    3. Access it anywhere and anytime with 99.9% availability of all your reports and data.
    4. Everything will be backed up in secure environment.

      #2. Better Invoices
      One of the major things about best invoicing software that it should be simple and straightforward. Better Invoices seems doing good work and lets you create invoices in simple steps. Simple on screen forms along with step by step tutorial to complete your invoicing procedure is worth noticing.

                                      Alternatives to Freshbooks Better Invoices               
      1. Simple steps to create invoices in minutes. Just fill the details along with description of work and click on ‘Send Invoice’, your invoice copy will be sent to client.
      2. PayPal option available along with various other payment options but signup is required (don’t worry, it’ll not ask you for billing details).
      3. Free 30 days trial
      4. 2048-bit encryption which increase the security and ultimately, your trust towards sending and receiving payments.
      What I don’t like in ‘Better Invoice’ is lack of support details, no number nor support emails etc. anywhere on the page. However, it’ll be your best small business accounting software to go after if you are already an expert and don’t need helping hand anymore.

      #3. Handdy
      Definitely, there would be a lot of scope in pleasing your customers by sending professional invoices like with your company logo, company trademarks and other details. Handdy invoices will be the perfect fit if you are looking for modern invoices that look not so old and want more functionality like invoice tracking, multiple payment options for clients, multiple languages etc. Handdy would be your best alternaives to freshbooks if you keep the below mentioned things in mind

                                     Best Online Accounting Software Handdy
      1. Perfect fit for small or mid-size businesses that wants timely payment and avoid chasing clients for long.
      2. 21 ‘Pay Me Now’ standard features that you can integrate with every invoice that not only save time but compel clients to make the payment at the earliest.
      3. Track sent invoices along with status that it has been received as well as opened or not.
      4. Automatic reminder after predefined date and time. You’ve no longer needed to request for payments multiple times.
      5. Let’s your client see the invoice status (weather it’s paid or due) at single place.
      With Handdy invoices, you’ll get all the premium functionality to explore along with dedicated support team, available right away upon your request. Additionally, you can start using Handdy invoices at just $5/month which is pretty reasonable and affordable as compare to freshbooks. View Pricing

      #4. INVOICERA
      One step further in creating professional invoices and best replacement of freshbooks. Designed for everyone from large or mid-size businesses to freelancers. Complete solution of sending invoices with all the possible payment options connectivity. You can use their App to send invoices even on the go or without physically visiting to your desktop/laptop.

                                              Alternatives to Freshbooks Invoicera
      1. Fully customizable plans at digestible pricing
      2. Dedicated client portal and multi-currency as well as multi language support.
      3. Customized API for further integration and enhancements
      4. Free invoice tracking and online payment options for freelancers.
      I can see the INVOICERA doing great job at delivering the best invoicing application and multiple integration give an added advantages to businesses with varied needs.

      #5. Hiveage
      Impressive GUI and better UX makes me satisfied to give it a try. I’m already using Hiveage for creating invoices for over 1.5 years and would freely suggest anyone to use it from freelancers to whole group of enterprises. Easy collaborations between client and you unlike FreshBooks, smooth payment options and instant help on request are the capable reasons that helps you choose Hiveage over FreshBooks.

                                         best accounting software for small business
      1. Detailed reports explaining working hours and total money you’ve earned out of your work.
      2. Easily integrated or upgraded with your current invoicing system.
      3. Flexible pricing: $6.95 for month or $69.95 for whole year.
      4. Collect amount of work and estimate total budget you are going to bill clients. This will facilitate smooth and hassle free way for clients to keep track of work records and hence, easily release the payment before or on due date.
      5. Set reminders and successful payment response for which, your client will always love you.
      #6. Invoice Machine
      Basic interface with loving and caring invoice creation process you could hardly found in FreshBooks. You’ll need to sign up with Invoice Machine before you may able to use it. I didn’t like this approach as a customer point of view and you can’t simply force customer to fill details before you actually decide that which one you are going to use.

                                       Freshbooks Alternative

      #7. XERO

      One of the best online accounting software in the list that has whooping, over a million subscribers. Unlike FreshBooks, XERO has no bar in creating unlimited Invoices filled with tons of HTML and CSS customization templates that appeals your client well. XERO could be a perfect alternative of FreshBooks for users looking for different and easily customizable invoices. 

                                        free onlie accounting software

      Apart from that, XERO has almost the same invoice tracking technology and accessibility on the go along with added payment sorting options to categorize latest transactions right in front of your eyeballs.

      #8. Expensify
      Expensify makes it easy for you to receive payments in multiple ways. Direct bank transfer is recently added to Expensify along with acceptable currencies increased to 160 with capability to add VAT/GST/HST. 

                                    best invoice software Freshbooks

      Excluding invoice creation, you can also manage expenses made by any employee or import list of card transactions at a single place which help you further analyzing data sets and better business goals. Expensify gives you more functionality and enhanced capability of creating invoices.

      #9. Blinksale
      Affordable Invoicing software in the list that lets you start at as low as you pay for a cup of coffee. Web presentation of this accounting software is eye catching and delight you further when you begin using it. Typically it requires only few basic inputs and you’re good to go.


      Creating intuitive and eye catching invoices in today’s market. If you want to receive money against your work faster and in steady manner, you’ll need to choose any best invoicing software among the list. Invoicing is critically important for client as well who wants proof or detailed charges for which, they are going to pay you. You can visit the invoicing software website anytime and check out the pricing and other plans which helps you decide the better one.

      If you’re using different invoicing software or would like to put your own thoughts/experience about any of the invoicing company, you are free to post comment below.

      Go ahead and check out these invoicing software and decide the best one for your business!!

      Jul 18, 2015

      Know How To Convert & Import Thunderbird Mail Into Outlook

      Thunderbird by Mozilla Thunderbird & Outlook by Microsoft, are both extremely notable email applications. However, there is just this one difference that brings a lot of difference between them. Unlike Thunderbird, MS Outlook serves more than just emailing. The client is also known as a Personal Information Manager for its capability of letting users create and manage their personal data. This has majorly led a number of Thunderbird followers to opt for Outlook as their preferred communication platform.

      This is why user queries like ‘how to import Thunderbird mail into Outlook 2013’ have been taking a lot of rounds online. As a result, this segment will be offering more than one such way to ensure that all your desired emails are successfully migrated into Outlook 2013 or any other version that you choose to work with.

      The Many Ways Of Transferring Messages From Thunderbird to Outlook
      Before you proceed with the migration of emails, know that the solutions will be divided in two categories; manual and utility based.

      NOTE: Not all methods guarantee representing a perfect outcome.

      Manual Ways of Email Transfer

      These methods are preferable when a countable number of emails are required to be transferred.
      1. Forward As Attachment
        a. Run Thunderbird
        b. Select emails to be transferred (pressing CTRL simultaneously)
        c. Right click on the selected emails
        d. Select ‘Forward as Attachments’
        e. Type email address of the preferred Outlook profile
        f.  Hit the ‘Send’ button
      2. Save As EML
        a. Follow the above mentioned instructions till ‘Step C’
        b. Click on ‘Save As…’
        c. Select a destination folder of your choice and click on ‘Select Folder’ button
        d. Go to the chosen folder path and you will find the saved emails
      3. In both the methods, the output will be generated in an EML format file.
      Utility Based Email Transfer
      Using these programs will give you the choice to either transfer selective or bulk of email messages from Thunderbird.

      1. ImportExportTools: This is an Add-On provided for Mozilla Thunderbird. By downloading its file and enabling it on the application, you can save emails/folder as: EML, HTML, Plain Text, MBOX, CSV and PDF

                                                  (Image Credit: Stephen Ronald)

      Saving emails as EML, HTML, Plain Text or CSV will let you import them into Microsoft Outlook 2013 by simply dragging and dropping the messages in an existing/newly created folder.

      2. Third Party Converter: Owing to the rapid rise in the queries demanding a guaranteed and dependable solution to know how to import Thunderbird mail into Outlook 2013 a large number of third party applications have emerged in the market. You can go for the one that comes with a freeware testing version to make sure it’s worth investing.

                             (Image Credit:
      Conclusion: On planning to go for a third party application, one can go for MBOX Converter which is also known as Thunderbird to Outlook converter. It can auto detect the MBOX source platform profile and let you convert emails from it to Outlook PST file. The added convenience and quick results that this tool provides are incomparable to any of the methods listed above.

      My name is Stephen Ronald, an IT guy and working for a software development company. I have explained several methods to do the task and  Thunderbird to Outlook Converter is one such prominent solution which explores how to import Thunderbird mail into Outlook 2013 & other versions.

      Jul 14, 2015

      Book and Manage Appointments Online through Setster - Review

      Scheduling tasks is important to get things done on time. People who’re busy managing day to day tasks can make use of online appointment tool to handle appointments as well as lets your clients schedule time to meet. The best part is, you can manage or escalate these appointments as per your convenience through a common dashboard.

      Setster is an easy to use and must have tool for every business where scheduling things is crucial. All you need is, internet access at your work place or at home to accept bookings. Business owners also has the capability to manually enter appointments as per the query they received over phone or in person using extremely easy to use Setster dashboard.

      You’ll need to choose any convenient package (Don’t worry, Setster offers 15 days free trial period) available at Setster website After filling all the details, you’ll be taken to payment page. Complete the process and you’ll be provided login details to get your own personalized Setster Dashboard.

      With simple and interactive interface, you merely take minutes to understand how thing works.


      As in the screen above, you can see the current month calendar along with all the major options at the header menus. To book appointments, simply click on ‘New Appointment’ button located just below the ‘Calendar’ menu at the header.

      You’ll need to enter few basic details and you’re good to go. Click on ‘Save’ to finalize the appointment. Setster lets you add long list of clients through ‘Add Client’ interface. You can further alphabetically categorize your clients or speed look up for targeted client.

      With the settings interface, you can further customize your Setster dashboard or complete your profile. An appointment button will be placed at middle on the left side of the middle to locate appointments close to your current location.


      Easy to understand and self-explanatory interface makes it easier to understand and schedule appointments. You’ve full control over accepting or adjusting scheduled appointments as per your free time slots and intimate your client in the meantime.

      Final Thoughts

      Setster would be the perfect solution for businesses to schedule payments with integrated payment module and map features. You can find much of the functionality in Google Calendar but still, there are many things you may found missing which Setster lets you flawlessly use.

      Use of Setster is varied as per your need and may fit perfectly as per your business needs. Go ahead and give it a shot to taste its benefits yourself.

      Jul 4, 2015

      Jun 20, 2015

      How to Reserve Your Copy of Windows 10 ?

      Windows 10 is set to release on 29th July 2015 and allowing existing customers to book their copy in advance. Please note that Windows 10 is available for free if you’re already using Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7. 

      How to reserve Windows 10?
      Make sure that you’ve installed all the updates available for your PC. If you haven’t done that already, do it now. Press Windows button and ‘Q’ already and type ‘Update’. Click on ‘Check for updates’ from the listed search results. Follow on screen steps to install all the available update.

      Restart your PC after installing all the update. After that, keep your spy on lower right side of the screen at the task bar and see there is a ‘windows icon’ will be listed.

      A new window will pop up entitled ‘Get Windows 10

      Click on ‘Reserve your free upgrade’ and type in your email Id (preferably you’ve used to sign in to your Windows 8/8.1 PC).  You’ll also see a confirmation window stating that your copy is registered and will receive notifications once the update is ready or Windows 10 is launched.

      To read more about Windows 10, head to installation manual.
      Share your feedback or comment about this upcoming Windows 10!!

      Jun 14, 2015

      BrandBucket Review – One Stop Shop to Get Better Business Names

      Putting your business online and make it appear in front of targeted eyeballs has become more challenging than ever. Your online business name (website URL) is the first thing that appears in front of your targeted customers and choosing it wisely is half the battle already won. You may find the desired domain name has been already registered or not available. To get one, you might need to invest huge amounts of money to acquire it as bidding is generally high on popular or expired names.

      Don’t panic and have a look at unique service offered by BrandBucket, which already helped millions of users over web in getting the brandable company names for user’s product or service. BrandBucket does its own research to find the best matching top level domain(TLD) names for the products or services you are about to offer.

      How it works?
      By opening website, you’re able to see search text bar right in front of your screen. Just enter your desired business name or keyword (related to your product or service) and this online marketplace will discover the best suited names for you.

      For example, I’ve entered ‘Shoes’ as my business keyword in the search text bar and it’ll populate the list of available names matching to my business theme. You can go with the desired business name that comes under your budget and you are good to go. That’s how it all works!!

      You can also make use of the menu bar located at the top left corner to filter your search results or search for specific names that falls under your budget. For example, set your targeted budget, sort by date, prices or alphabetically etc. You can further categorize the search results by their own staff picks.


      Final Words
      Your business name is the first thing that your targeted customers would see. Choosing it wisely has an adverse impact and may become the deciding factor on doing business with your company. When you choose BrandBucket, you’ll get a list of astonishing .com domains that definitely attract customer eyeballs and a logo that is ready to use for your business.

      BrandBucket has thousands of satisfied customers who believe that their money is well spent. Still not satisfied?? Read out the whole story here and why you may miss the money on the table.

      May 13, 2015

      Seven Interesting Facts About Connecting The World With Technology

      There's no arguing that technology has changed the world forever. It's made it possible to communicate with people face-to-face in real time even when they're on the other side of the planet. Realizing just how much technology has altered how we connect to one another is a daunting challenge. Here are seven interesting facts that will bring those details to light.


      1. Google Services Around 35 Million Queries Every Month
      Search engines have brought us together by making it possible to find information without actually knowing where to look. This reliance has caused Google to become smarter and more powerful, which only makes sense when you consider how many people use it every day.

      2. Social Media is Growing Rapidly
      Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are currently experiencing a rapid growth due to their mobile-friendly natures. This growth is being harnessed by intelligent businesses and business people with in-stream ads and smart social media usage.

      3. The Amount of Information on the Internet Doubles Each Year
      Google currently has 200 Terabytes of data indexed. The size of the Internet, however, is estimated to be around 5,000,000 Terabytes. It's expected to continue growing in size as the amount of information we create continues to rapidly increase.

      4. One in Five Couples Meet on the Internet
      The Internet isn't just about enabling you to communicate with people you already know, it's apparently a great place to meet new people. An estimated one in every five couples met using the Internet. It has completely changed the way people are meeting and dating.

      5. 81% of Emails Rightfully Belong in the Junk Folder
      Due to privacy problems, ascertaining an exact number of spam emails is next to impossible. Some estimates state that around 81% of all emails is spam, which primarily come from Russia, Nigeria and South Africa.

      6. Computer Science Enables New Forms of Digital Communication
      Internet relay chat, the basis for all Internet communication, was created by a group of university researchers. Many of the advances in digital communication have come from computer science students trying to use the Internet in different ways. Getting a master's degree in computer science online can open up many opportunities to work in this exciting field.

      7. The Internet Needs Regular Maintenance

      There are an estimated 256 undersea cables and millions of buried fiber-optic cable that makes the backbone of the Internet. They can stay viable for anywhere from 10 years to 25 years, though they require regular maintenance to stay working. If you've ever had Internet issues, it may be a side effect of cables being repaired.

      Changes in communication have occurred rapidly because of the Internet. While you may think that we're at the peak of what technology can do, communication will only continue to evolve from this point.

      May 6, 2015

      From the Lab: Best Technology Firms to Work for in 2015

      Technology jobs have grown extensively over the last few years, with numerous companies seeking applicants and new partnering firms. Making the most out of your tech career will mean finding the best company to work for. Here are the best tech companies to work for in 2015 and what they offer for employees.

      As one of the largest and most successful tech companies in the business, Apple is hands down one of the top tech companies to work for this year. Not only do they offer exceptional benefits and higher salaries, working for Apple is an opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge. Apple has a high number of applicants, therefore it’s important to make as many contacts as you can, and be very knowledgeable about the company prior to an interview. A solid educational background is beneficial when applying. Since the company designs, tests, and develops products, a degree in electrical engineering can be especially helpful as well. Another way to get into the Apple atmosphere is to join their Developer’s Program or start off by working at one of their retail stores.


      Qualcomm is an international telecommunications company that offers extensive benefits and opportunity to growth, making it one of the best tech companies to work for. On top of medical benefits, this company also offers its employees an exceptional retirement program and they are generous with employee time-off. Job opportunities include: scientist, engineers, and business strategist. One of the best strategies to starting a career with Qualcomm is to join their highly rated internship program.


      With their recent purchase of Trulia, Zillow has become a big player in the 2015 tech market. This company is known for taking an interest in their employee’s well-being and creating a strong leadership team. Not only do they have competitive benefits, they host many fun activities for their team members. There are multiple positions within the company for people with experience including: engineering, sales, business. For those that are just starting their career, Zillow has intern/recent graduate programs as well.


      As the industry giant, Google is the leader of great tech companies to work for this year. Their benefits are top of the line, and the company culture is exceptional. This massive company requires a huge workforce and attracts the best of the best in the industry. Becoming an intern at Google enhances your chances of starting a career there, and Google develops and designs their own hardware systems so having an online masters in electrical engineering can give applicants an advantage at landing a job.


      The success of a career depends upon the success of a company. Building a solid educational background, networking, and a willingness to learn can get help your foot in the door with these top companies in the industry.

      Restore And Recover Exchange Server 2010 Database With Backup

      With the introduction of Exchange Server 2010 while new technology and features came into existence, some essential storage features were removed. One of the major changes which were brought forward was the removal of storage groups which was present in the earlier versions. Due to the removal of storage group, Recovery Storage Groups or RSG also no longer exist. Alternatively, Recovery Database (RDB) is being used in order to restore and recover Exchange server 2010 database. RDB is not tied to a particular database or a server. There can be one or multiple RDBs but only one RDB can only be mounted at a certain instance.
      Here in this blog post, we will discuss three methods by which you will be able to completely Exchange server 2010 database.
      Method#1: Windows Server Backup
      One possible method to recover Exchange server 2010 database is with the help of Windows server backup. In case your database file gets deleted or lost you can restore it with the help of Windows backup. Care should be taken that you have the most recent backup of your database to ensure complete recovery. Follow the below mentioned steps in order to carry out the recovery process: 
      1. Right click on the Exchange Management console which is in a dismounted state.
      2. Select Properties from the drop down menu.

      3. In properties dialog box, click on the Maintenance tab.
      4. In this enable the checkbox- This database can be overwritten by a restore.                     

        The above steps will mark that the mailbox database as recoverable.
      5. To start the recovery wizard, in Windows server backup click Recover.     

      6. Mark the option This server in case the backup is stored on the same server.
      7. Click Next to continue.

      8. A calendar is displayed which shows the date on which the backup was taken. In case more than one backup was taken on the same day, then there will be multiple entries in the dropdown list. Select the backup from which you want to recover the data.
      9. Click Next to continue.

      10. Select the recovery type Application and then select Next option.

      11. Mark the checkbox in case you don’t want to roll over the database forward. If you want to roll over the database, do not select the checkbox. 
      12. Click Next option.

      13. If you want to recover the database to the original location, select Recover to original location.
      14. If you want to recover the database at a new location (in case of corrupted database) select Recover to another location option.
      15. Click Next option.

      16. Click on Restore.

      The restore process will depend on the size of the database. Once the database is restored, click on Close.
      Method#2: Recover Exchange server 2010 database using Data Protection Manager
      In case the recovery of Exchange server does not prove to be successful, you can also try to recover it by using Data protection manager.
      Recovering database to an active Exchange database is similar to recovering in Exchange server 2010 standalone node. The administrator after recovering the database must synchronize the passive database to the recovered database. DPM offers five kinds to recover Exchange server 2010 database.
      1. Recover to original location
      2. Recover to different location
      3. Recover to Exchange Recovery database
      4. Recover to a network location
      5. Recover and copy in an external device
      Method#3: Recovery with Third Party Application
      The above mentioned methods can turn out to be complex in case if even a single step is left out. Also at times it may happen that the backup of the Exchange server database itself goes corrupted. There is no chance that a user can recover Exchange server 2010 database if no backup is available or corrupted. Therefore deployment of third party tool may prove to be helpful in such case.

      One such tool is Exchange Server Recovery software. The software recovers dismounted Exchange server mailboxes in an efficient and quick manner. It saves the recovered database in both Live Exchange Server and in Outlook.