Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How to Create an Environment that Will Help Ace Your Online Classes

Online education has risen dramatically in popularity over the last decade. Whether you are striving for a civil engineering masters degree, an IT certification or a two-year degree in general studies, you can currently obtain almost any degree online.

If you are going to succeed in your online educational pursuits, you need to cultivate an environment that will help you thrive.

Determine the Best Environment for Studying

Students have different needs when it comes to studying, so what works for someone else might not be the best choice for you. Are you more productive in the morning or the evening? Do you prefer silence when studying or is background music helpful? Will you always study in the same place or does a change in environment keep your mind fresh?

Answering these and other questions is a great way to determine your ideal study environment. Once you know what kind of environment you need, you can work hard to create it.

Keep Study Aids Handy
Once you are in the study zone, you do not want to waste time running all over the place to find the supplies that you need. You will save yourself time and make your study time more productive by keeping all of your study aids handy.

If you always study in the same location, you can keep the study aids in that area. If you study in different places, put your supplies in a basket or backpack so that you can easily transport them to another location.

Your computer is your most important study aid when taking online classes. You will also need the power cord for your laptop, your textbook and notebooks and pens for taking notes. If you are taking a math class, you will likely also need a calculator.

Minimize Distractions
You can increase your productivity by having your study environment free from distractions. Since you do most of the work for an online class on your computer, it is easy to be tempted to browse your favorite websites and check your e-mail during study time. There are several programs available for your computer at no charge that will not let you access the Internet for a specified period of time, and these tools can be very helpful if you are having a hard time staying on track.

You lead a busy life, so it is important to make the most of the time you have to complete your online class. Creating a calm study environment will get you on your way to finishing your class and earning your degree.

Friday, April 11, 2014

5 Items to Travel without to Avoid Identity Theft

Identity theft is more common than one would wish to believe and we should all be prepared and stay on top of our identity to avoid issues. One of worst and most common times to have your identity stolen is when you travel. When traveling, we all carry personal items from our passports to driver’s license and personal checks. It is very important that we carry only the essential items so that we have exactly what we need and a criminal does not have access to any items that could give them our identity. Below are five items that you should never travel with or you will be at great risk for identity theft.

Social Security Card-

One item that you should never travel with is your social security card. Many people, especially men, tend to travel with their social security card. This card is a valuable possession. It has power like no other piece of information you have. With a social security card, you can get an ID, a credit card, a bank account, a loan and so much more. It is essential that you keep your social security card locked up in a safe place, At Home! If you must travel with your social security card for any reason, find out if you can have a copy of your card. Make a copy and destroy it as soon as possible.

Bank Account Information-

It is also important that you do not travel with any bank account information. Bank records, bank account numbers and the like should stay at home. If someone was to get your bank account information, they could set up accounts online and gain access to the cash you have. They could take small amounts over time so you never notice or they could wipe you out entirely. It is important that you keep all bank account information in a safe place. This includes a check book. If you must write a check, carry only one or two in a safe place where it will be least likely to be stolen.

Security Passwords-

It is also important to keep security passwords off your person. Never carry around passwords for your credit card accounts, bank accounts, PayPal, etc. If any of these passwords came into the wrong possession, you could lose more than you ever dreamed. It is best to remain safe and keep these passwords at home.

Birth Certificate-

It is also important to travel without your birth certificate. A birth certificate is another sacred document. This piece of paper can get you a social security card. If someone was to gain access to your birth certificate, they could assume your identity and potentially destroy the life you have come to know. Keep your birth certificate in a safe place, at home, potentially with your social security number and other precious documents.


Now, you may be wondering why I mention Passports as something not to travel with. Of course, if you are travelling outside of your home country, you will need a passport, that is a no-brainer. However, you do not need to travel with your passport once you get inside the other country. A pick pocket could take your passport and assume your identity in a blink of an eye. It is best to keep your passport under lock and key or in a safe place while you enjoy the country you are visiting.

Overall, it is important to leave the most previous documents at home. You want to be safe while you travel and come home with money in your bank account and your name intact!
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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

How to Choose the Right Laptop for Your Needs

Choosing the right laptop for your needs has never been a more interesting or complicated choice. The last few years have seen several major overhauls in the laptop market. These changes have led to an even greater variety of choices for laptop buyers. This brief guide will give you the major guidelines you should consider when making your next laptop purchase.

Size and Weight
A laptop’s size and weight are still one of the most important decisions when buying. Laptops are meant to be portable but deliver more power and functionality than a tablet. As tablets become increasingly more powerful and more popular, this has become harder to do, but it has also given rise to a huge range of size options for laptops.

Very small laptops like the Ultrabook weigh in at barely two pounds, but deliver far more computing power than an a tablet. This compact power comes at a very steep price, however. Most highly compact laptops that still have good functionality are priced over $1,200. You have to decide if that extra functionality is worth an additional $400-$600 compared to a tablet.

The Hybrid
The most startling change to laptops is the creation of laptops that act like tablets. These laptops usually have rotatable or even removable touch screens, so they work like tablets, but they are still loaded with Windows programs and laptop functions. The arrival of Windows 8 means that these computers run even more like a tablet than ever before, since the new Windows OS is designed to function more like a mobile OS. These hybrids may be the best bet for the average user that likes the handle of a tablet, but doesn’t want to do all of their work on one.

Work, School or Gaming?
Laptops are far more appropriate for work and school where the tasks are generally less graphically intensive. They can deliver high quality web browsing, word processing, picture management and video, but built-in graphics cards are far inferior to those found in desktops. Having a laptop suitable for gaming demands a far larger system than the average, and cooling is a constant problem with laptops. For the average gamer who is okay running programs on medium graphics, a larger laptop with a decent built-in card will be acceptable. A hardcore gamer should strongly consider not getting a laptop at all because the hardware for performance will ultimately be cheaper on a desktop.

Finally, you will want to choose a brand that is dependable and comes with a good warranty. Laptops are far more prone to damage and breakage than desktops. You will also want to check out experts such as computer support in Columbus to be sure you have a reliable service option available for your laptop.

When you go shopping for you next laptop, always prepare a list of your needs, wants and the price you are willing to pay. Armed with that list and the knowledge in this guide, you will be able to find the perfect laptop for you.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Top Technology for Road Warriors

If you're someone who finds themselves on the road often then you'll be familiar with the challenges this can create. While technology in many ways allows us to hit the road and work on the move, it also has a rather unfortunate downside of making us reliant on power points and WiFi spots if we're going to carry on staying productive and remaining in touch. You can actually continue to do your job while driving from spot to spot thanks to e-mail, the cloud and video conferencing technology, but if you don't have access to WiFi or your power runs out this then leaves you stranded and quite possibly gets you into trouble when your boss or your clients can't get hold of you.

The solution? You just need to ensure that you have the right technology with you at all times which you can use to create a more flexible set of conditions for working. Get this right and you'll find you can be considerably more productive and that you're far less likely to get caught out. Read on and we'll take a look at some of the very most useful gadgets, gizmos and software packages for those who like to take their work and their lives on the road for extended periods.

Windows 8.1 Tablets

 When it comes to portability, battery life and convenience, tablets have always had the edge over laptops and computers. Unfortunately what they offer in terms of flexibility though, they somewhat lack in terms of sheer power and productivity. It is possible to work productively on an iPad, it's just a lot more difficult when doing even basic things like opening an e-mail attachment.

Fortunately though there's now a third option that offers you the best of both worlds: Windows 8.1 tablet/slate hybrids. Essentially these are devices running Microsoft's Windows 8.1 operating system that feature a range of flexible form factors that allow you to use them as tablets or as computers. They also feature touchscreens which lets you use them while standing up and much more easily, and tend to have quicker boot times and longer battery lives. The cream of the crop here is the Surface Pro 2 which has an i5 processor, 6 hours of battery life (10 with the impressive 'power cover' accessory), a snap-on keyboard and many other impressive features. For something a little lighter and cheaper you can look at the various atom-processor-powered options, or even some of the 8'' options that can give you full Windows right in your pocket. Throw it in your cargo trailers and you'll have all the computing power you need without sacrificing space or flexibility.

The Galaxy Note 3

If you're looking for the most capable smartphone for someone who wants to stay productive while moving around a lot, then the Galaxy Note 3 is probably the best option for most people. This is a smartphone that has an impressive high-powered processor and a whopping 3GB of memory. It is capable of multitasking by running more than one app on the screen at once, it has a pen for taking notes, and it has a bigger battery than any of the closest competition. That's a lot of features for any phone and puts it almost on par with a computer. You'll also find that the internet tethering comes in handy a lot when you're at a loss trying to find a WiFi spot.

Accessories and Software

Then there are a ton of accessories that can help to make life even easier for the worker who wants to take their job on the road with them. One example would be a solar charger for your phone, a backup battery, a stand and Bluetooth keyboard (to turn your phone into a true mini-computer), a notepad (still the best way to take notes), a Bluetooth headset (for chatting while you drive) and an SD card (for transferring files easily between devices).

Software can meanwhile help you too – particularly cloud software including things like Dropbox (great for dropping your files), Evernote (for taking handy notes) and IFTTT (which will manage a lot of your online accounts without you having to do it yourself).

Nancy Baker, the author of this post, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for Yucaipa Trailers, well-known dealers of motorcycle trailers. She is passionate about cycling and travelling to exotic places. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Apple vs Everyone else - What 2014 Has in Store for Us

Another year means another Apple smartphone and tablet. Apple has a tendency to be very secretive about their latest devices. The fact that the iPhone 5S was going to have a fingerprint scanner leaked fairly early on last year. With that being said, that's a fairly hard secret to keep. Apple isn't letting anything slip about the next slew of iOS devices. Here's what Apple may have in store for us in the year 2014.
Two Sided Display on 2014 Macbook Air
There have been a few leaks about the next installment of the popular Macbook Air series. Rumor has it, Apple has patented a two-sided display for the new laptop. There's a possibility that the 2014 Macbook Air will come with a two-sided display. One "normal" display, and the one on the back for rear-touch input. Think of the back touchscreen on the PS Vita.
Larger iPhone
Smartphones are getting bigger. Some of the most popular Android devices are well over 4.7 inches. The size of the iPhone 5 was met with a mixed reception. While most people commended Apple for finally giving their flagship phone a larger display, others noted that four inches is still extremely small for a smartphone. Bigger smartphones seem to be more popular. Rumors have been spinning that the next iPhone was going to jump to a five inch display. However, that seems like a pretty huge jump. A lot of fans of iPhone also like the small size compared to Android phones. Either way protecting you phone will still be paramount so Apple iPhone covers will always be in demand.
The iPhone Will Have Different Sized Displays
In order to avoid alienating their market, some have rumored that the next iPhone would come in different display sizes. This would be a great idea for two groups: 1. Those who might want to switch to iOS from Android, but like having the big screen that's so common in Android devices. 2. iPhone fans that prefer the more compact size of the iPhone. This would satisfy both types of users and probably grow Apple's iPhone user base by a pretty decent margin.
More than One Flagship
Over the years, Apple has been releasing one flagship smartphone every year. However, that all changed last year with the iPhone 5C. It seems unlikely that Apple is just going to abandon this idea. They clearly see the success of Samsung, that releases a slew of smartphones throughout the year, and Apple may try to replicate this success with releasing more than one flagship phone and start to diversify.
All in all, most of these possibilities are just rumors. Nothing concrete has been leaked about any of the upcoming Apple products. With that being said, a lot of these ideas make sense and it would probably be best for Apple to use some of these ideas in the future. Who really knows though?

Five Huge Mistakes People Make Online When on the Job Hunt

The job market is challenging at every level, and maintaining a presence online is critical while a person is searching for a new position. When done properly it is a great networking tool, but when done wrong, it can take someone out of the running very quickly. The biggest mistakes people make in online job hunting are outlined below.

Being Inappropriate
The social media age has brought the opportunity to share life moments, and nearly everyone has a Twitter or Facebook account. While it may not seem fair, these profiles will most likely be scrutinized during a job hunt. Photos, comments and lifestyle choices that are deemed inappropriate can cause a candidate to be dropped from consideration.

Too Many Profiles
Placing too many incomplete profiles across social media does not impress prospective employers. Best practice is have a single, well-done profile displayed on two or three networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Hiring managers looking to fill sales jobs in the medical field will have an easier time targeting candidates this way.

Being Too Private
Hunting for a new job while still employed can be tricky, and many people try to keep it quiet. The searcher can take a subtle approach to this issue by simply changing status on LinkedIn to let recruiters and hiring managers know they are open to possibilities. A job hunter can also let a prospective employer know of their interest by discussing company culture and how they might fit into it.

Too Many Connections
Many job seekers tend to make as many connections as possible on networking sites, thinking it will get them closer to that new job. In reality, the quality of connections is more important than the number. Recruiters will often contact a person in a target's network to find out more about them, and it is better that the information comes from a trusted source.

Only Looking Online
With many people being either under-employed or not working at all, employers are receiving large numbers of applications for any position that becomes available. This has led to jobs not being posted publically, which means those who search online exclusively are missing opportunities. Going out to network in-person can open the door to higher-level positions that may be on offer only from recruiters.

Above are the tips above can help online job seekers avoid pitfalls and gain the position of their dreams.

Friday, March 14, 2014

EMCO Remote Installer V 4.1 Review

Would you be comfortable visiting every machine located on local network and install applications manually? Obviously not!! For support professionals and network administrators, there is always a need of handy tool that can automate the whole task by allowing them to remotely deploy applications on almost any computer they wish.
These tools are useful in performing silent installation or un-installation over client machine even without needing any intervention. It’ll make you free from going through series of installation wizard to install any particular application. Instead, it automatically install EXE setup or MSI packages and makes the computer ready to use application instantly.

Application overview
EMCO Remote Installer developed by EMCO Software is designed to make remote software deployment not only easier but faster too. It can also collect information about preinstalled applications on the client computer and later, helps you to install, uninstall or repair it even while sitting at one place.

The application is available in two versions: free and professional. Free version will supports up to 5 PCs only. Whereas, professional version will unblock the full application capability and lets you perform install, uninstall or repair procedure on almost any number of PCs. You can find more in depth information about the product here: http://emcosoftware.com/remote-installer 

It supports all the latest Windows OS including Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. You can download this application from its official website and follow simple steps to install it on your computer.

Note: You’ll need to perform some basic tasks before going for application deployment. Please check and make sure that the right edition of EMCO remote installer you’re using (Free or Professional), all the networked computers are connected properly and port were open before deploying applications and lastly, the targeted application needs to support silent installation.
  • The tool is capable to install applications on any or selected group of PCs over network. Again, this capability is limited to 5 PCs if you’re using free edition. Consider choosing professional edition if you’ve pretty large number of PCs, say hundreds or thousands.
  • You’ve flexibility to install EXE, MSI or MSP packages on computer connected to network. Installations were performed in silent mode even while checking the integrity of targeted computer so they won’t file system and registries and increases new vulnerabilities.
  • Software installations on dynamic group of remote PCs.
  • EMCO Remote Installer can install multiple applications concurrently on remote PCs. Choose applications order to being installed on the targeted computer, all in one step.
  • This tool offers flexibility to preconfigure set of installation tasks along with a list of remote PCs where applications need to be installed. After which, all you’ve to do is just one click all the installation task will be done for you.
  • Ability to schedule application installation at any specific time duration. It can be done for single or multiple installations.
  • Perform application uninstallation from single or multiple remote PCs, all at once.
  • Applications needs to be repaired after certain time duration as it may ran into problems or due to registry corruption. This tool is capable to repair applications from targeted PC over network. Again, you can repair applications installed on multiple computers all at once.
  • Get insight information about updates of installed applications on remote computer. The tool will flash vital information about installed applications like name, version, manufacturer, supports OS, specs and requirements etc. Later, you can export all the information into files to have the latest copy of software and later, install updated copy of application on every targeted computer over network.
The software has inbuilt capabilities and features to address all your needs of virtualizing application installation procedure. EMCO Remote Installer is 100% safe and awarded and strongly recommended by tech magazines.

The application can and will perform well on software inventory activities too and make the most complicated tasks lot easier. You’re free to try and explore all its premium features at no cost. You’ll have very slim budget if your requirements are high or have pretty large number of PCs in your organization.

Is Cloud Computing Catching On?

Businesses have long been seeking ways to cut costs on computer purchases, software purchases, and other workload requirements. Each time there is a new hire, a company often needs to invest in new computers and the software required to help their employees do their jobs effectively. Cloud computing is one of the latest forms of technology used to help improve the efficiency of a company. Most companies have already tried out cloud computing without realizing it. If you use an online email exchange like Hotmail or Gmail, you are using cloud computing. One of the hottest forms of cloud computing is online streaming of television shows and movies. Websites like Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix are all growing in popularity as people find they no longer need to hold large DVD collections in their home and can access them on-demand from their account. The great aspect to cloud computing is that you don’t need to have massive amounts of storage on your computer, all the data is stored on the services computer cloud.

Reducing Costs
If you have a digital product that you need to distribute to the customers, using cloud computing is a highly efficient way of doing so. It also helps businesses to juggle workloads easier in data centers, reducing costs by 50% or more based on the number of employees and equipment required. The only thing your customers need to have is the interface software required to access their data in the cloud. This will be the largest investment your company will make in the cloud computing world as you must build one that is easy to understand and easily accessible for the customers. Take a look at the companies that are really paving the way in the cloud computing world like IBM, Apple, and Amazon to get a better understanding of their interface software. Currently, IBM is predicting they will end up with over $7 billion in cloud computing revenue. With potential revenue increases like this, it makes sense why so many companies are starting to see the benefit of cloud computing and why they need to invest in a quality interface for their company.

Building a System
Outsourcing your design to a third-party service is by far the cheapest and most effective way to get started with cloud computing. Large companies like Dell are creating new data centers that are completely focused on cloud computing offerings. Working with a company that understands the requirements for cloud computing, and will be able to easily provide you with the needed services can make a drastic difference in your bottom line, and overall data service offerings to the customers. The next step after building a quality system is to work on marketing and branding. Check out the unique offerings for trusted companies like Agency Fusion in Utah to get an idea of how they can build a marketing program to announce new cloud computing services to your customers.

Winning the Customer
While cloud computing is growing, one area of concern is related to the security of the system. Customers need to know that their information will be safe and protected. With online fraud problems on the rise, investing in a secure system is essential to launching your new cloud computing software program. Just like any new product, cloud computing is something that will take some getting used to for many businesses. However, if we have learned anything from the success of Amazon and Netflix, it is the way of the future. Cloud computing provides the customers with convenience. Companies can use it to reach out to their customers through online chatting functions, which drastically helps to improve relationships between customer service agents and the customers. No longer will the customers need to sit on automated phone calls for several minutes before they are finally able to receive the support they need. If you want to show your customers you are ready to move with the future, you need to jump into the world of cloud computing.

Nicole is currently associated with Agency Fusion in Salt Lake City, Utah. They provide software, apps, and unique website development. If you need help with branding, strategy, and design, check them out on LinkedIn.

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Amazing Rom Downloads for Android That You Can Enjoy On Your Next Journey

As an Android fan I can list a large number of things I think make it the better mobile platform when compared with iOS. That's familiar territory though and we've all heard these arguments a hundred times, so rather than going down that road again, I'll list a few useful downloads that you can enjoy on a long journey – on Android only – and let them do the talking for me.

On a long journey you want something that can engross you and keep you entertained, and that means you want high quality media entertainment.

Games are ideal for this, but the problem with mobile games is that they're designed to be 'pick up and play' type experiences that you can dip in and out of: they're not intended for long sessions of gaming that last for several hours on a car journey to the airport for example.

But this is where Android has the edge. You see on Android you can download emulators that will let you play a number of games designed for home consoles and even PCs. That's right: you can play games that were designed to be enjoyed in long sittings, that were crafted by teams of companies, and that have become classics throughout the years. Best of all, these games are completely free, and there's no legal problem with playing them as long as you own the original cartridge or disk.

So if you can think of a game you used to love as a kid, there's nothing to stop you now from going ahead and enjoying that game on your phone or tablet next time you're stuck in the car. Here are some of the best games you can get up and running on Android devices…


Half Life

Let's start off with a surprise one that will leave many people with open jaws. That's right: you can play the original Half Life on Android. How you ask? Simply by using the handy DOS emulator known as DosBox. This will let you install the original Half Life game on your Android device, and as long as you have some decent specs, it should run at decent speed. You may want a controller though.

Mario 64

Here's another incredible classic you can enjoy easily on most Android devices. With an N64 emulator this one will run surprisingly smoothly and it's still just as impressive to explore the Pincess' Castle and collect the stars as it ever was.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time

And while we're talking about N64 classics you should definitely get back to Hyrule for a bit of exploration and some real in-depth gameplay that will last you for even the longest drives...

Sonic Adventure

If you were never a Nintendo kid when you were growing up, then you may understandably not have access to Mario or Zelda or may just not be interested. Why not install a Dreamcast emulator then and enjoy some Sonic Adventure instead? That's right, incredibly you can play Sonic Adventure in its original form and it's still just as much goofy fun and high-packed action as it ever was.


Shenmue was the ultimate in ambitious game titles when it first came out, with more to do and explore than any other game, a full orchestral score and amazing attention to detail. Well turns out that it stands up pretty well even today and will give you hours and hours of gaming that really sucks you into its immersive world. This is the kind of game that will just seem unreal when running on Android. You won't want to get out even when you reach the airport parking.


Symphony of the Night: Just to make sure that Sony get a fair look in as well, Castlevania is one of the most incredible RPG/action/platform games ever created. The animation is stunning, the exploration is absorbing and the gameplay is addictive. This is a classic that's definitely worth dipping back into.

Nancy Baker is a freelance blogger who is a part of the team at Park N Jet, a company offering airport parking services in Seattle, WA. She enjoys taking her family on vacations. You can catch up with her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

5 Apps To Avoid Car Accidents And All The Trouble That Comes With Them

When people drive at the same time as using gadgets it's a huge deal because lives are at stake. It's easy just to laugh it off because you do it all the time, but if you speak on your mobile or fiddle around on your iPad it's not just your life you're putting on the line. For all the unsafe people out there I've threw together a bunch of great apps that will help you stay out of trouble when you're on the road, because even if you don't hurt anyone you want to avoid getting in trouble with the law.

Once you leave home in the morning you want to get to work without any hassle. You want to stay away from any areas where there has been an accident because they can be dangerous with some cars forgetting to slow down. Trapster will tell you which route to follow based on any accidents that are still getting cleared up. It's also got a few more features including the ability to let you know where speed cameras are positioned and where police cameras are sneaking around.

How many drivers do you see with their phone attached to the side of their ear while they're driving? The number is far too many, but I bet you're guilty of it on occasion too. You might think Cellcontrol is too extreme, but it will essentially stop your electronic gadgets from working once you reach a certain speed. That means your iPad, mobile, and laptop will be out of commission. It can also tell when you're a passenger in a car because I'm sure you'd get annoyed if you got cut off for no reason.

This app is similar to the last one we talked about, but the reason I included it is because it's a powerful tool for people running their own company. If you give drivers their own vehicles and mobile phones it will allow you to choose what they do with their mobile phones while the vehicle is in motion. As a company you certainly don't want any of your drivers involved in an accident for a number of different reasons including legal ones, so this app would be perfect for damage limitation.

Drive Safe will simply help you with the DMV knowledge exam, but if you haven't even passed your test yet you should definitely take a look at it. If you know the answers to the questions contained inside the app it's going to make you a safer driver, plus it's going to stop you from failing your written exam. If you've already got your license you still might want to check it out, because if you're not able to pass the practice tests there is something fishy going on.

Even if you're driving along at high speed it's very tempting to read your text messages when you hear your phone beep. This is one of the most unsafe things in the world because you'll literally sitting in a piece of heavy metal hurtling along the road. DriveSafe.ly is the perfect tool you need because when you switch it on it will read your text messages aloud for you. There is much less chance of you getting into any car accidents and you won't need to call in the lawyers to defend you in court.

The right side of the law

If these apps have taught you anything it should be that both your hands should be on the steering wheel at all times. Hopefully you think a few of them will be useful and if so you should download them because they might just save your life.

Today’s feature writer, Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for T.E. Paralegals which specializes in WSIB claims across Toronto. She is a voracious reader and she enjoys catching up with her favorite sitcoms in her free time. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.