Things to Know About Current Cybersecurity Trends

Things to Know About Current Cybersecurity Trends
The average cost of a single data breach is almost $4 million, and many security specialists expect that figure to grow in the coming years. For IT professionals who are on the front line of this digital war, here is a look at some trends to keep an eye on in 2016.

The Rise of Spear Phishing
Attacking well-guarded companies with brute force software is not the most efficient way to gain access to sensitive data. Instead, many criminals are now targeting high-level employees with sophisticated phishing attacks. By gathering information on these execs, criminals will essentially have a master key to all of the company's data. In addition to employee training programs, your company should also invest in real-time scanning and monitoring software.

Ransomware Is Back

Ransomware is a form of malware that locks down a computer or system until money is paid to the distributor. This type of malware is generally sent through fake emails or hidden in software that looks legitimate. Unfortunately, many people find it easier to simply pay the money than to reset and wipe their entire system. Having an Ottawa IT services professional assess your network security for any vulnerabilities is one of the best ways to keep your network safe from these malicious cyber-attacks.

Vulnerabilities in Cloud Services
Practically every company is going to migrate at least some of its data over to cloud servers, and this opens the door to a number of new risks. Before choosing a cloud service provider, IT professionals must carefully scrutinize every aspect of the service they’re entrusting their data to. This includes information such as where the servers are physically located, what form of security they use, and what their guarantees are. Employees must also be given specific security protocols to follow whenever they access those servers.

Cyber Threats and the Internet of Things
The Internet of Things is quickly changing the way we interact with the world around us. While new devices and technology are making us more connected than ever, the IoT is also exposing us to some serious risks. Until we fully understand exactly how this new technology is going to affect our daily lives, IT departments should err on the side of caution. This includes blocking sensitive data from wearable and mobile devices when necessary.

Final Thoughts
It may seem like there are risks around every corner, but many of these issues can be completely avoided with the proper diligence. There is no way to avoid 100 percent of cyber risks, but keeping an eye on current trends will help IT professionals stay ahead of the game.
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Technology Updates all Aspiring Businesses Should Make

Technology Updates all Aspiring Businesses Should Make
As your business grows, it often becomes worth revisiting the technology choices you made early on since upgrades and updates can often lead to greater productivity and profits. Regardless of your current tech situation, there is always room for improvement and a chance to give your company a technological edge. Here are a few updates to consider when assessing your business's technology.

Move Software to the Cloud
Cloud software vendors can provide you with essential business technology at lower costs by removing or reducing the need for you to manage hardware and software updates. Some areas to look at include customer relationship management software, email, and accounting. The cloud can often offer you all the features you need and additional features through integrations that will make your business run more smoothly and from more remote locations.

Hardware Updates & Fixes

If your computer makes a weird sound when you boot up or your intercom system is on the fritz, then consider getting your hardware updated or repaired. You might take it for granted, but little issues with your machines can lead to bigger tech problems down the road while repairs can be fairly cheap.
If you are in manufacturing or printing, then schedule maintenance to make sure all your machines work right. If you're seeing strange error messages or quirky behavior from some office machinery, then have someone look at it. In many cases, Streamline Circuits say slight adjustments and advanced circuit boards can get you several more years of good use from existing equipment.

Project & Team Communication Tools
As your business grows, it becomes harder and more time-consuming to communicate, find information, and share files with your team. Tools like Slack or HipChat can make it easier to communicate by giving you cross-device chatting and online meeting capabilities, better document search, and the ability to share files without using a separate file sharing app.
Update Your Operating Systems
If you're a couple of versions behind on Windows or OS, then you are leaving yourself open to hackers and probably missing out on software improvements that make work easier. Consider updating all your computers to the latest version of your preferred operating system. If new software licenses aren't in your budget, then at least take the time to get all the latest updates and security patches installed.

Final Thoughts
What works for a two-person company won't scale for a two hundred person company. You might be wary of changing your technology, but remember that it’s about preparing for the future. If you want to be bigger, faster, or more profitable, then you'll need to update your technology to match your aspirations.
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How to Bring your Business into the Mobile Age?

How to Bring your Business into the Mobile Age?
The mobile app is the latest tool for building brand awareness and garnering market shares for your business. Developing one that represents the company website with the same agility and responsiveness is an indicator of success. Once a successful launch is completed, strategies are needed to continue the mission of bringing a business into the mobile age. Here are six tips that will establish a mobile presence on every device.

Design a Cutting-Edge App
The first step to tackling this objective is partnering with an IT service or IT support service in Ottawa that has expertise with the latest techniques in digital media. Follow this strategy by looking at pricing, on-going services, and available support. Research several firms and scrutinize their case studies and testimonials. Since this is a competitive space, begin with those that offer free consultations.

Business Card Facelift
Re-tooling the customary business card offers a fresh approach to a mainstay resource. Start by adding the addresses to social media accounts to showcase the savvy 21st century trend. During the app process, secure QR scans and barcodes to include that do the work for consumers. This will come in handy with future marketing campaigns.

Review your Internet Presence
Most forward-thinking companies have an extensive internet presence. This will include an account with the largest social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It is the quickest and most efficient way to get the word out about a new product and service. Once the accounts are established, monitoring and managing them is essential. Use this as a free marketing resource with the option to buy advertising at pennies on the dollar, compared to traditional outlets.

Produce Mobile Specific Marketing Campaigns
Data is growing that suggests the majority of consumers get their information from smartphones, tablets, and now, watches. To capitalize on this trend, marketing campaigns should be created that cater to this behavior. For example, offer coupons and other deals that are only accessible on the mobile app. Use this to drive website traffic and as an extension to CRM software by gathering information from pop surveys or on-line contests.

Use Digital Media
Videos are by far the biggest catalyst for raising brand visibility. Going viral is not just a buzz phrase, but the definition of being relevant in the consumer space. Displaying aesthetically pleasing snippets on apps that result in clicks and conversions increase sales and revenue. Brand jingles, mascots, and slogans do well on this platform and have the potential to become ringtones and screen savers.

Create a partnership with an IT company for the long-term. The ROI will pay dividends with each passing quarter. Brands that are cognizant about the power of the mobile age will cultivate this new resource. The rationale is this is where the consumers congregate.
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Employee Scheduling Software- A Review

Employee Scheduling Software- A Review
Time is Money for every business, irrespective of whether it is small or large. For management, it becomes imperative to schedule staff roster considering convenience of staff as well as business tasks that needs to be accomplished in the due course of time.

The online available Employee Scheduling Software works without asking for registration. The software claims to save time and efforts as well. It does not demand for any additional system specification and works on regular system with standard configuration. 

An Overview of the Interface & Functionality
Interface: The User Interface of online employee scheduling software is simple and straight forward. Clean look and appearance makes it easy to operate for even first time users. Even those with novice technical knowledge can operate the software without any training.

Functionality: Software operates in few simple steps. User need to provide its ‘Username’ and ‘Email Address’. Roster for the next seven days can be made. All it needs is the name of the employee along with their email address. Once details for the schedule are made, schedule is sent to the employees on their email addresses.

Additional Features Offered
This Employee Scheduling Software incorporates a number of additional features and add-ons. Some of the customizable features are:
Schedule Reporting:
Projected sales, Labor Percentage and Schedules labor can be displayed at the bottom of the schedule. 

Notifications via SMS
Initial three alphabets of the employee’s task can be added to the text message.
Account reports can be entered and accessed including expenses, sales, operating ratios and labor costs.
Phone Numbers on Schedule
Phone number details of employees are added under their name on the schedule for quick access.
Custom SMS & Email
Additional information can be inserted in the scheduled SMS as well as email.
Compressed Layout
The ‘Compressed Layout’ add- on adjusts the height of the graph layout and enables you to access more number of users without scrolling the screen.
Hide Schedule Hours
When an employee logs in to access the schedule, this add-on hides the calculated/ total working hours of the co-workers from the list.
Add-Break Times
Break time can be added to the schedule and the total break hours will automatically be eliminated from the calculated working hours. 

Print Task Schedules
If the schedule is accessed with ‘Task Layout’, it provides the option to print individual task schedule. This can be accomplished by clicking on name of the task being assigned.

Open Shifts
Open Shifts can be create by the managers while preparing schedule and this can later be selected by the employee if they wish to pick it.

What Else is Offered by ‘Your Next Seven’?

Live Scheduling Stats
Users can browse through the Live Scheduling Stats that provides an overall count of the total users who are currently using the software in their organization. This provides a conclusion over the efficiency and scalability of the software.


Live Stats Feed on Dashboard
Once the user logs in to the account, live stats feed can be viewed instantly on the Dashboard and this feature is available in trial version as well.

Availability of Dual Editions
Employee Scheduling Software comes in two different editions. This includes ‘Trial’ and ‘Licensed’ editions. Accessibility to trial version is available for the period of 30 days from the date of registration.

Although, the freeware comes with limited functionality, it provides a straightforward idea over the functional features and efficiency of the software. This provides the ability to access the software without making any initial payment.
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How-to Guide on Building Your First WordPress Theme

How-to Guide on Building Your First WordPress Theme
Availability of free and paid themes is one of the main reasons that makes WordPress so popular for creating websites of all sorts and sizes. However, choosing a pre-built theme often restricts you from making the desired changes to it. That is not to say that you shouldn't consider choosing a WordPress theme, but if you can code it is advised that you should better create a custom theme from scratch.


In this tutorial, I'll share with you the basic knowledge of building a simple WordPress theme.

But Before You Start

There are a few important things you need to take into account, such as:
  • Create a sub-folder for your theme within your WordPress folder that can be located at the path: wp-content/themes directory. I've named my folder “new_theme” (you can replace the folder name as you deem perfect).

    Note: Remember that the name of your theme folder will be same as the name of your theme.
  • You must have basic knowledge of working with an FTP client (such as FileZilla or any other).
  • Lastly, before you begin with the process of theme creation, you must know how the layout of your site will look. And so, you can either choose to create a prototype of your website design or create a PSD to decide the final structure of your site.

How Can You Build a WordPress Theme?

Almost every WordPress theme comprises of various sections, including header, footer, sidebar, and a few others.

                         build first wordpress theme

In order to build your first WP theme, you'll have to create each of those files. Let's quickly view all the files that are needed to create a functional WordPress theme:

  • header.php – Just as the name implies, this file comprises of code that will be a part of the header section of the theme;
  • index.php – This is the main file of your WordPress theme that contain code for the main area of your theme. In fact, this code also helps in specifying where all the other files can be found;
  • sidebar.php – You can find information displayed in the sidebar section of your WordPress theme in this file;
  • footer.php – This file manages your footer data;
  • style.css – Lastly, the style.css file handles how your theme is styled.

All of the files listed above can be created locally using a text editor such as Notepad  and others, and then, upload those files via FTP. Or else, just utilize the “File Manager” tool available in your cPanel for creating WordPress files on your hosting account.

Let's now see what exactly each of the WordPress file contain:

1. The “header.php” File

Here's a sample code to demonstrate what a header.php file comprises of:

This is just a simple HTML markup that contains a single line of PHP code and some basic WordPress function. However, you can also add meta tags like your site title, keywords to be inserted in a page, etc. within this file. Let's see how the above code snippet works:

  1. The following line containing PHP code, basically, informs WordPress to load the stylesheet (i.e. style.css).

  2. Next, a class wrapper has been added to the beginning of a “div” - that is the main container of the site. The class is defined so as to modify the header section using the style.css file.
  3. Lastly, another “div” container contains a label “header” which will be called in the style.css file.

2. The “index.php” File

Let us now view the code present in the index file in WordPress:

So, let's see how the above code works:
  • The first line contains:

    < ? php get_header (); ? >
    This is a default WordPress function that comprises of the Main Area text to help users identify which exact section of your theme is shown in this area.
  • In the next lines of code, you'll only find some standard WordPress functions that are used to check out if there are any posts in your blog that are created via WP admin panel. If such posts exists, they will be displayed in the admin area.
  • Next, the sidebar.php file is included in the code using the following line of code:

    The sidebar file can be used for displaying post categories, archives etc.

    And an empty “div” is added to segregate the main area and sidebar of your theme from the footer area.
  • And at last, the below mentioned line of code helps add the footer.php file in the index file. This will help display the contents of footer file in each web page.

3. The “sidebar.php” File

The sidebar.php usually contains code that looks something like:

The sidebar.php file contains information that will be displayed in your theme's sidebar (Also referred to as widgetized region). The code in the sidebar file as mentioned above make use of default WordPress functions for showing the posts categories and archives.

4. The footer.php file

Next, the footer.php file that contains source code that looks like the following code snippet:

Here in this code, we're just adding a label named “This is my FOOTER section”. However, you can also add data such as additional links, the copyright information, etc. that you would want to display in the footer area of your theme.

5. The “style.css” File

And finally, the CSS file (or style.css) file is used to specify the elements within a WordPress theme. A typical stylesheet looks like:
body { text-align: center; }

#wrapper { display: block; border: 1px #999999 solid; width:90%; margin:0px auto; }

#header { border: 2px #999999 solid; }

#content { width: 78%; border: 2px #999999 solid; float: left; }

#sidebar { width: 25%; border: 2px #999999 solid; float: right; }

#delimiter { clear: both; }

#footer { border: 2px #999999 solid; }

.title { font-size: 12pt; font-family: verdana; font-weight: bold; }

This code will help in changing the background of all the pages in your theme and will add a border surrounding your site.

After adding all of the above discussed files in your WordPress install, your theme will look something like:

So, that's it for now! Hope that this post will clear out your doubts concerning creating a basic WordPress theme.

Samuel Dawson is a esteemed developer of HTML to WordPress theme with topical advantages. He gradually works very hard on all the projects with great passion. Samuel
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Make Your Meetings More Productive with these 8 Tips

Make Your Meetings More Productive with these 8 Tips
Meetings are always a hot topic of discussions in the corporate world. Regardless of the fact that a lot of jokes are made in this context, at some point it becomes inevitable to conduct them. You just cannot do without them. So, you might as well get used to the idea of having to attend meetings every now and then.

                                   productive meetings

The fact that at some point you will have to be a part of a meet is suffice to make you want to learn ways on how you can make them more productive. Here’s how you can make the most out of them and actually use them for the good of everyone -

1.    Have a direction

Know where you are headed with the meet. What is it that you intend to achieve from it? Have a solid agenda on hands to discuss in writing. Make sure the goals are written in an unambiguous manner for everyone’s clear understanding. A meeting that lacks direction is most likely to wind-up without any proper plan of action. Inform everyone of the very purpose for which the meet is being conducted. This will allow the people to come prepared with a few solutions already on their tips.

2. Have someone note down the minutes of meetings

People don’t remember every single detail that is discussed during the meeting. Assign someone with the job of noting down the important points and minutes of the meetings as soon as they are discussed. Don’t forget to share those minutes of the meeting with everyone afterwards. You could use mails or a project management tool to share that information with everyone.

3. Have a plan of action before wrapping things up!

Make it your sworn duty to not leave the chairs of the conference room unless you have had a solid plan of action on your hands. Do have a concrete plan of action before wrapping up the meeting. The very purpose of meeting should be justified. Ask yourself - were you able to accomplish whatever it was that you intended to from the session in the first place? If not, you might have to conduct one more meeting. Unless you can afford to do that, try to get that done in the very first meet.

4. Use hard facts to back up your views during the meet

Maybe you want to discuss the results of a campaign. Maybe you want to discuss how to improve things. But, do you have enough information and solid facts to back up your suggestions/complains? If you don’t, it’s quite likely that the meet will be nothing more than a gossip session. People need solid facts to act on and use as a reference point to tweak their efforts. Don’t just shoot arrows in the air blindly. Use hard facts such as reports from the campaign to support your views.

5. Listen more

You should listen twice as much as you talk. Reason? You get to know different people’s perspective on the subject. You get to see things in light that you couldn't see all on your own. Let everyone jump in and be a part of the discussion. The most successful meetings are those where everybody gets equal participation because then teams are able to come up with several different ways to accomplish the same goal. Therefore, as someone who has to conduct the meetings, start developing all the traits of a good listener.

6. Set a time limit to the meet

How much time you think the meet should take? To avoid time wastage you would need to set a limit to how long the meet can be stretched, and try to stick to it. You allocate time limit to every other task, then why not do the same for meetings as well? Try to stick to the lower limit. The practice will save you from rambling unnecessarily or going off topic.

7. Pick a timing everybody is comfortable with

Different people may be working according to different timelines. Be sure to first discuss with everybody in advance about the time that everybody feels comfortable with. You would not want to interrupt anybody’s flow of work. See to the fact that whatever the decision is regarding the timing, it is a unanimous one. One advantage to this practice is that no one will be able to make excuses for coming late. You can start the meeting on time and finish it within the dedicated time frame.

8. Focus on the solution, not the problem

You could keep questioning all the failures and what they happened in the first place. This is not to say that you don’t discuss failures. Sure you should do. But don’t keep the focus of meet on discussing why the problems happened. Get to the root of the problem instead of complaining about them and then move towards finding the solution.

So, do you promise to make your meetings more productive? Are you ready to make the above-mentioned changes in your work style? Do share your thoughts with us!

Shikha Menwal is a writer for ProofHub. She has a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences and writes on topics ranging from lifestyle to technology and management. In her free time she loves to watch comedy shows and read spiritual journalism.
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5 Reasons to Take Invoicing Seriously

5 Reasons to Take Invoicing Seriously
Invoicing is not the core function of any business. Most businesses don’t take the invoicing process too seriously. Many businesses send invoices that are late and others send invoices that are full of errors. Some small business owners and solopreneurs even admit that they hate invoicing. Is invoicing really a hindrance to business?

invoicing invoicera

Not exactly. Invoicing is, in fact one of the key processes to run and grow a successful business. Here are 5 reasons, a business should take invoicing seriously.

Maintain A Healthy Cash Flow
Cash is the most important aspect for the survival and growth of a business. If the business is not receiving on-time payments from clients, it won’t be able to meet basic expenditures like salary and taxation etc. Sending invoices in a timely manner, ensures that the clients are paying up on time. One can add a late fee to invoices to deter clients from paying late. Online solutions help in sending out automatic payment reminders. One can also add a due date on the invoice, to ensure that the client is paying within the specified credit period. These are useful in hastening the payment cycle of the business.

Client Relationships
Maintaining healthy client relationships is at the heart of every business. Managing the business communication effectively, helps in retaining clients and building better relationships. Sending out invoices in a timely manner and ensuring that all kinds of client queries are resolved, is an essential. The process also includes, sharing of estimates and getting them approved from the client. Management of the complete business communication cycle is crucial for client retention and satisfaction.

Disputed Invoices
Many businesses end up sending invoices that are full of errors. This is big a reason for worry as errors lead to disputed invoices and invoice deductions. Having an invoicing process that ensures that each and every invoice sent is error free, is very important to realize full payments for the invoices.

Financial Management
Keeping a record of all the business activities is extremely important for better financial management. Proper invoicing ensures that all the past invoices can be tracked with ease. This helps in analysing the periodic sales and revenue, easily. Financial analysis helps the business owner to forecast future business outcome and plan the course of action, accordingly. If the sales and revenue targets are not being met, the reason can be found out and appropriate action can be taken. Similarly the payment cycle and invoice ageing can be effectively analyzed to ensure all the clients are making timely payments.

A growing business must come forth as a professional one. Sending out professional and descriptive invoices helps the client understand the details of the transaction clearly. Mentioning the terms and conditions on the invoice, helps in ensuring that each and every business deal is a transparent one. Adding brand identity to invoices helps in improving the brand awareness and brand recall for the business.

An invoice is one of the most crucial documents for every business. A business must take each and every aspect of an invoice seriously and thus ensure better business outcome. Delegating the process to specialized teams with appropriate accountability is equally important.

Veronika Tondon is business enthusiast. She writes about emerging technologies and opportunities for business.
She is working as a Marketing Manager with Invoicera, a leading cloud invoicing solution.

Contact Number: +91-9350204838
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Tips for Outsourcing Product Development

Tips for Outsourcing Product Development
Outsourcing product development can be a money saving proposition for your business.  The right outsourcing strategy can help find the best fit teams for development of the product. One also has to ensure the stability of offshore teams, to get timely delivery of the project.


Here are some important tips and tricks:

Evaluating the Outsourcing Partner

It is very important to evaluate the expertise and experience of the outsourcing partner. Here are some key points to remember:
  1. Ensure that the outsourcing partner is an experienced player and has got a decent portfolio.
  2. Make sure that the teams working on your project, have the desired skill set for developing your product.
  3. The teams must be communicative and must take complete responsibility of the project.
  4. The infrastructure, facilities and work culture of the outsourcing partner must be evaluated as well.
  5. The scope of work to be completed in the project, must be clearly defined and mutually agreed upon. One must choose a development partner who provides a range of services from development to maintenance.

Managing The Level of Productivity
Productivity management is the key for getting the product developed on time. This is essential for reducing the time to market the product. Here are some key essentials of managing the productivity level of offshore teams:
  1. Use appropriate tools for communication with development teams. Tools like Skype and Google Drive are useful for staying touch and collaborating with ease.
  2. Having a single point of contact to manage the remote teams, is crucial. The resource can help them with their queries and ensure they are meeting their targets.
  3. Daily and weekly reports must be analysed to gauge the level of productivity being achieved.
  4. The teams must be given regular feedback about the expectations, going forward.

Security of the Project
One must ensure that the project is secure with the outsourcing partner. Here are some important points to remember:
  1. The track record of the outsourcing partner must be carefully evaluated before handing over the project.
  2. The outsourcing partner must sign a nondisclosure and a non-competing agreement before taking up the project

Agile     Development
One must ensure that the product is being developed using the latest tools and techniques.
  1. The project is divided into sprints and a sprint plan is shared with the client on a periodic basis.
  2. The team performance is judged on the goals planned and completed in during the sprint.
  3. The team meets on a daily basis and takes full ownership of the tasks to be completed.

Technical Evaluation
The product development should be thoroughly inspected for any kind of technical flaws.
  1. The quality of the code must be checked to see if the desired outcome has been achieved.
  2. The functionality and usability of the product must be checked thoroughly.

Attention to Detail
The more you know about your product, the better will be the outcome. 
  1. Write a detailed description of the product.
  2. Have a vision of the product and communicate it clearly, to the developers. 

Ved Raj is a business enthusiast. He writes about startups, remote teams and outsourcing.
He is working as a Marketing Manager with ValueCoders, a leading provider of remote development teams.


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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free for Mac 7.5 ( 2 GB Free Data Recovery)

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free for Mac 7.5 ( 2 GB Free Data Recovery)
EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free for Mac 7.5 ( 2 GB Free Data Recovery)
Ever wondered how you can trace and recover lost or deleted files from your Mac? If not, you’d better keep some data recovery utilities handy and make use of its benefits. There is a long list of advantages you can take from any Mac data recovery utility such as recover lost documents, files and folders, digital media files etc. even if the whole media becomes inaccessible, logically damaged or accidentally formatted (either Quick or Deep).

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac is an advanced and useful utility that you should always keep nearby you. Data loss is an unavoidable situation that may leave you in great loss or put businesses out of the competition and these data recovery utility would be the single hope to restore them back. EaseUS put all their efforts in making this utility more better for home or data recovery pros through which, the victim has to invest minimal amount of efforts and money to recover their documents intact.

Recover documents, pictures, audio, videos etc. that is deleted or formatted somehow from list of storage device including Mac system or HFS formatted volume, USB or Flash disk drive, different type of card storing technology and more. EaseUS Data recovery wizard offer flexibility to preview recoverable media files before actual recovery. Once the scanning is completed, you’ll get the list of recoverable files in list view and a check box placed against those files. Click on any or all those boxes to select your desired media files.

Three easy steps of recovery
User has to go through rigorous steps in order to get their files back. However, EaseUS makes this process simpler by introducing three easy steps and an intuitive wizard based recovery steps.

Select File Types
The very first screen you’ll see on the screen is ‘Select File types’ to let user choose their desired media files that is lost or get formatted accidentally. Be it photos, audio, recorded video files, setup files or any other file type, you’ve full control to choose file type.

This is the most crucial steps that software has to go through and decide which file it can and cannot recover. Scanning process employ sector by sector or quick search for deleted, lost or formatted media files and shows preview window after completing the overall operation.

It’ll also offer effective partition recovery by scanning for lost or deleted HFS, HFS+ volume.

Preview and Recover
The last and final step is to choose or select media files by seeing preview and clicking on Recover button.  Keep in mind that EaseUS Data recovery wizard offers 2 GB of free data recovery and asks you to purchase a premium license key to perform unstoppable recovery of your lost or deleted documents.

Final thoughts
Data recovery procedure is full of risks and any wrong or misdeeds may permanently erase your hope to get back your lost media files. I’d strongly recommend to keep this utility handy for effective and successful data recovery. EaseUS is a known developer for providing best in class data backup and recovery applications and this is one of the top selling software that mostly become life savior in crucial situations of data loss.

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[World Cup Giveaway] Win Free Video Downoader and iPhone 5s

[World Cup Giveaway] Win Free Video Downoader and iPhone 5s
Sometimes you need save YouTube videos and other online videos to your mobile devices for watching offline later. Aiseesoft Video Downloader lets you easily download videos from the web and convert them to video formats supported by your phone and other portable devices, so you can watch them at any time, regardless of whether there's Wi-Fi or 3G/4G coverage.

With a user-friendly interface, Aiseesoft Video Downloader makes it very easy to download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vevo, and Yahoo. It allows you to select the output format before downloading videos and also lets you convert local videos.

How to Download Video
1. Download and install Aiseesoft Video Downloader.

2. Open the program.

3. Enter the URL of video you want to download and then click "Analyze" button. You will see the video information listed on the interface.

4. Select the resolution you need and choose to only download the video or automatically convert to a video format after downloading.

5. Click “OK” button to start to download video.

How to get a free license code of Aiseesoft Video Downloader?
Now to get the 10 1-year codes of Aiseesoft Video Downloader, you need to like Aiseesoft on Facebook and share their world cup post with #AiseesoftWorldCup.
The winners will be chosen randomly, and all the codes of the Video Downloader will be sent by Aiseesoft to directly into the winner’s Facebook id.

Best game this summer – Win a free iPhone 5s
The 2014 World Cup has officially begun. Aiseesoft wants to share the excitement and happiness with football fans all over the world. In Aiseesoft’s World Cup campaign. You can win a free iPhone 5s and more free products from Aiseesoft. Don't miss it!
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11 Tips to Keep Your WordPress Website Secure

11 Tips to Keep Your WordPress Website Secure
WordPress websites are the most popular blogging and CMS accounting over 23% of all the sites on the internet so it has always been more appealing to intruders. The number of hacked WordPress websites is growing every year where the majority of hackers is using server to send spam mails.


It is worth your time to avoid the basic mistakes to protect your website from becoming the most targeted place for spammers. Employ the suitable controls and follow the best tips to keep your site threats and bugs free:

1. Update plugins and themes as much as you can
Update your plugins consistently. The more old your plugins the more vulnerable they are to exploit. Each plugins and themes installed are important for your websites so it is better to get all the threats and viruses fixed by constant updating.

2. Back up your website
It is better to keep the backup of your website so if your site gets hacked then you can simply restart your security, change passwords and can re-upload all the required data within one day.

3. Delete plugins and themes you are not using
More plugins and themes means less security. Delete plugins or themes you are not using and get rid of hacking tension. Plugins deactivation is not just enough, you must delete them.

4. Download from familiar sources
Always download plugins and themes from well known sources. is the most preferable website for downloading plugins and themes as there they are already scanned before being admissible to theme or plugin directory.

5. Keep your computer free from viruses and malware
It is necessary to have an up-to-date antivirus program installed in your computer to protect WordPress websites and to avoid access by the potential attacker of all the login details.

6. Set a strong password for gaining full privacy
Always set a  very strong password for your admin login details so that it cannot be easily guessed by the intruder, so it is better to use a whole sentence for easy remembrance.

7. WordPress regular update/Frequently update your WordPress
Sticking to the older versions of WordPress will increase the chances of hackers to break into your website, so regularly update your website and make it less visible to hackers.

8. Protect WordPress admin access
While installing a new WordPress site, you will be asked for a username during the installation process. Set a different username to make it less accessible for the attackers to assume your password.

9. Keep your site clean and clear
A jumbled site can lead to losing of core files, making it difficult for security professionals to work. Keep your WordPress website clean, well organized by getting rid of extraneous files.

10. Regular scanning
There are many nifty and effective WordPress tools and Plugins  like code guard, Wordfence and more that can scan your whole website and pinpoint the files with harmful codes, thereby protecting you from strange anomalies.

11. Choose the Best hosting solution
Choose a company for whom security is the foremost priority and provides you the best hosting solutions like account isolation, robust backup and more, so whenever there is any website attack your hosting company is there to support you.

Saurabh Sharma is a dedicated Wordrpess developer and content writer at Girnar Software SEZ Private Limited – a company that offers world-class Wordpress Development Services. He has been in IT industry for 5+ years and specializes in PHP Programming. 
Image Credits:
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SystoTech PDF Split and Merge- Product Review

SystoTech PDF Split and Merge- Product Review
SystoTech PDF split and merge software helped me when I was facing issue to send a PDF file with an email attachment. I was trying to send a 30 MB PDF file through attachment which is not supported by Gmail due to the 20 MB size limitation. Later I decided to break this large PDF file into two small PDF files to send them to my client.

When I searched the solution for splitting a PDF file into parts, there are a lot of free online resources. But most of them were restricted to split PDF file up to 20 MB only. After reading an article I got the reference for a free PDF splitter merger developed by SystoTech. I am much impressed with its functionality and easy interface. I used this application many times to split or merge PDF files and have a great experience. I was excited to write a detailed review of this desktop software. Because the developers have released this PDF split and merge tool free for all Windows users.

Benefits of Using this Free PDF Split and Merge Software!
I am very glad to say that this is the best free  application for merging multiple PDF files into a single PDF document or split a large PDF file into parts. Here are a few useful functions provided by the SystoTech PDF split and merge tool.
  1. Split PDF File All Pages: The software allows users to split all pages of PDF file into separate PDF documents. You can choose this feature to create individual PDF files for all pages.

    pdf split
  2. Split PDF File into required Pages: This is another helpful function to divide a large PDF file into required number of PDF files. You can use this option to break a PDF file into required parts.

    pdf split systools
  3. Split PDF File of Specific Page Range: By using this split option you can simply extract and split required pages from the PDF file. It will let you to break PDF file of specific page range.

  4. Merge Multiple PDF Files at Once: You can use this function to merge number of small PDF files into a single PDF document. You can browse and add unlimited PDF files to combine them allinto one editable PDF file.

  5. Option to Add or Delete PDF While Merging: By using these options you can add a new PDF file into the list before merging them and also can delete extra PDF files from the list.

  6. Compress and Reduce PDF File Size:This is one extra feature provided by SystoTech PDF Split and Merge software by using which you can reduce the size of a large PDF document file.

  7. Free Download: The application is available free of cost which can be downloaded from the official website of SystoTech Software. Developers have released this PDF Split and merge tool for absolutely free.
Final Verdict 
After analyzing this free PDF split and merge tool I can give 4.5 rating to this free solution. I will recommend this PDF splitter merger program for those who are searching a free desktop utility to combine multiple PDF files or split a large PDF into smaller parts.
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Eight Software for 2013 That can Increase Your Internet Speed

Eight Software for 2013 That can Increase Your Internet Speed
The demand for high speed internet in 2013 is evident. Globally more and more data is being used with every month that passes by. The strain on the internet is huge because it has now become integral to the majority of people’s everyday lives. And that’s without mentioning the government and corporation use for it either. Thankfully, this strain is something the internet can cope with.

There are lots of options available to you when it comes to getting high speed internet.   Not only this, but there are lots of different software packages available that optimize your PC’s internet speed. Let’s discover more about the best software options for increased internet speed in 2013...

   1. Full Speed

Full Speed is a great software solution for faster internet. It can actually alter around 50 Windows system settings. Because it does this, it uses as many tools at your computers disposal in order to squeeze the finest out of all parameters. This ensures you reap the rewards of the best possible efficiency. This includes even the lesser known settings that many software programs do not deal with.

   2. Max Internet Optimizer

This software claims to maximize your internet connection to over 400 per cent and from the positive reviews many believe that Max Internet Optimizer lives up to its claims. This helps to make everything from browsing to downloading much quicker and easier.

   3. Internet Cyclone

This accelerator uses similar tactics to ‘Full Speed’ in the sense that it optimizes your Windows settings in order to ensure efficiency is obtained. The software states that it can increase internet connection speed up to 200 per cent. The great thing about this software is that it does not require updating when changes to your internet are made.

   4. OSS Internet Speed Booster

This software not only helps to speed up your internet connection but it stops disconnections from occurring as well. It also has a RAM booster and this will free up physical RAM memory on your computer.

   5. SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator

This software is suitable for Windows operating systems. A lot of people like this option because not only does it effectively speed up your network but it also boasts an extremely easy installation process as well.

   6. Internet Speed Booster

This software contains a speed booster, a net pinger, and a ram booster as well. You can view everything view a friendly interface which allows you to optimize your settings and free up your memory.

   7. Connection Booster

This software is used in order to configure any type of modem – from Cable to LAN – in order to maximize performance. It allows for faster surfing of the internet, quicker file downloads, and enhanced online gaming.

   8. Internet Cell Boost

And last but not least there is the Internet Cell Boost software. This takes into account your connection type and your operating system in order to come up with the best way of boosting your transfer speed.

There are many ways you can increase your internet speed. Anyone of the eight software options mentioned in this article is recommended. Take the time to find the best solution for you personally.

Author bio – RS specializes in the area of research and development regarding internet speeds.She uses to compare data of internet speeds in areas locally and nationally.
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QILING Disk master Pro – Perfect Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Tool

QILING Disk master Pro – Perfect Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Tool

Data availability is among the major challenges for normal users and businesses. Any certainty or unavoidable situations often leads to data loss and ultimately, ruining your business growth as the crucial data is gone missing.

Need of data backup and disaster recovery tools is always recommended and you should keep it handy to overcome even from the most challenging data loss circumstances. QILING Disk Master Pro is one such utility that helps you take easy data backup of your crucial documents or file records and prevent data loss situations. It’s completely automated utility to perform full, partial or differential data backup in just one click.

You can easily take data backup of important system partition(S), complete hard disk drive or files/folders of your choice. You can further compress backup files into ZIP format to save extra disk space.

Downloading and installing this data backup utility is extremely simple and will not take more than a minute. From the home screen, you can choose any of your desired function i.e. disk or partition backup, file backup, file zip or browse for old backup.


Simply click of ‘Backup Data’ if you just want to backup entire disk drive data. On the next window, you’ll be able to see all the connected drives and subsequent volumes to take data backup of important files. You’ll get full details about the backup drive size as well as the destination drive capacity to ensure successful backup operation. Further, you can schedule data backup operations to any particular day, week or month of your desire.  Additionally, you can perform sector by sector backup of data to ensure that nothing will be left including the damaged files or folders.


You can choose any particular files or folders to backup as this tool offers file level backup option too. Click on the file backup option from the software interface and you’ll be able to navigate around connected drives and can choose desired files or entire folder directory.


From the image above, you can see easily the selected folder is ‘Movies’ with its detailed capacity and exact size you’d have needed to create backup copy.

Moving to another tab called ‘Disk Management’ which allows moving or resizing partition, format, delete partition etc.


Moving ahead, you’ll locate another option entitled ‘Tools and Utilities’ that offers bunch of important tools to perform more disk related operations like cloning, disk migration, fix boot, file wipe or shredder and much more. Last but not least, you can also perform health status check of existing or connected media using ‘Disk health’ function of this tool.


QILING Disk Master Professional is available for 30 days free trial period to explore the functionality and side benefits. You can avail the full copy license at just $31.2 USD or professional license with lifetime free upgrades at just $41.65 USD. Keep in mind that copy will be licensed to only single PC. You may contact developer if you’ve requirement of license for multiple PCs.

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Data Recover from Crack or Broken Memory Card

Data Recover from Crack or Broken Memory Card

What will happen if your crucial data get deleted permanently by mistake from crack memory card before backup them? And perhaps most will confused and lost their minds. You think that your file is lost for forever, but there are so many alternative available which increases the possibility of recovery. Using these alternative methods file can be easily recovered without any issues. Here, I will share a perfect method which can help you in crack memory card recovery.


Note: If your memory card is crack then stop using it, do not format it and do not store more photos in it otherwise you could lost memory card or flash drive data. Contact to customer service for crack memory card recovery. And if this is also not working then try to search a recovery software that can recover your lost data without any issues.


Data Recovery from crack memory card depends on how seriously it is damaged. And if you try to make pressure on the parts of the card in order to combine them back together but your camera or card reader is not recognizing it then in that case data recovery software may be your best choice.
There are different types of memory card like SD, XD, and CF cards, these are mostly used in digital cameras in order to store multimedia files but can also be used to store files using notebook, mobile phones, PDAs and other portable devices.


Memory card are somewhat similar to USB flash drives as far as data storage capabilities are concerned, but when it comes to functionalities then they are vastly different. USB drives are used to backup data whereas memory card are used to expand the capacity of storage space to store the data of electronic devices such as mobile phones or camera. 

Memory card contain “flash memory chips” to store the data which function by handling a series of transistors with electrical currents. Basic data loss from memory card can be easily resolved by breaking their plastic enclosures and accessing the data directly from flash memory chips within. But, if your memory card is suffering from severe damage then further additional steps should be taken to ensure successful recovery. Another component of memory card is “Mass Storage Controllers” allows to communicate with whichever devices they are used in.Damage to memory card “mass storage controller” can be avoided by interacting directly with card’s “flash memory chip”, but if your card is encrypted then the data cannot be accessed at all until mass storage controller is fixed or replaced.

Few memory card like PNY-branded and microSD card are monolithic. In this type of memory card, all the internal components including “flash memory chip” and “mass storage controller”, are combined together into one single chip. Data recovery from these types of cards is somehow difficult, because in order to recover the data the surface of the chip should be detached first to display its circuits. This process is very subtle and a single mistake could result loss of data permanently.

In order to deal with these kind of issues you can try Data Recovery Software, the software is very easy and simple to use. The software supports different recovery modes like i.e. Deleted, Formatted, Partitioned, Raw and Create Disk Image Recovery Mode. Crack Memory Card Recovery can be easily done using this tool. The software also includes many advanced features that helps the user to recover and restore lost data from memory card. It supports all types of file formats and helps to recover data from lost or missing partitions. It has the capability to scan and recover data from above 3TB hard disks. And the most important thing is that this application can run on all Windows versions including Windows 10, simply connect your memory card with reader and you can get all your lost data in just a fraction of seconds.

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Useful Mobile Optimization Tips for Social Media Marketing

Useful Mobile Optimization Tips for Social Media Marketing
In this day and age, more people are using their mobile devices to access the internet than they are using their desktop and laptop computers. More specifically, consumers spend more time accessing social media from their mobile devices than any other electronic device. What’s more, mobile users are also known to share twice as much social media content compared to those who use desktops and laptops.

Therefore, a big part of your web monetization strategy requires you to focus on making the most of social media marketing to attract the attention and interest of mobile users. Social media is one of the best ways to target, interact, and engage your mobile audience.

Successful social media marketers are constantly thinking about how they can best use mobile-optimization to get more out of their social media posts from mobile consumers. The following are some tips on how you can do the same:

• Facebook tabs need to be accessible. An estimated 78% of US Facebook users access the social network at least one a month with their mobile. Therefore, an important part of marketing your business on social media is to have Facebook tabs. These tabs help mobile users to easily read and interact with each tab. There are different ways that you can create the tabs that you need. One of the simplest ways is to use a third-party app provider like Tabsite or ShortStack. 


• Use camera-dependent networks. Social media platforms like Vine and Instagram were created specifically for mobile devices. You can give your brand exposure on these platforms and reach the users who use them by taking pictures and video and immediately sharing these experiences with those who follow you. This is a great way to make an instant connection and boost sharing.

• Use location-based marketing to your advantage. You can tailor information based on a mobile user’s location. This gives you the advantage of providing ads, deals, etc. to users that apply to their location. Users can benefit and take immediate action on the information they receive, because it is relevant to wherever they happen to be.


• View your content as a mobile user. Don’t expect that everything you post will automatically look great in a mobile feed. View your sites, posts, etc. via your smartphone device as if you were a consumer to see exactly what mobile users are seeing. Make sure things look good before you post.

• Sharing is important. If you want mobile users to share what you post, make sure that they can easily do this from mobile devices. If there are too many steps involved, no one will share anything. Things need to be straightforward and as easy as a screen tap.

• Links need to be mobile-friendly. If you post a link, make sure it takes users to a mobile-friendly site. Non-mobile sites won’t display well on screens.

• Relevancy is important. Whatever posts you create on your social media sites, make sure that they are relevant to mobile visitors. Targeting mobile users means that what you advertise needs to not only appeal to them, but must apply to them, too.
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Review- PSD to HTML Converter, Easy Design to HTML Conversion

Review- PSD to HTML Converter, Easy Design to HTML Conversion
PSD to HTML Converter is best known to offer conversion services for Photoshop designs to HTML codes. Transforming innovative designs into absolute CMS integrated coded layouts would help web pages to upload easily in all sorts of web browsers.

Manual coding services can sometime bring error and bugs while converting Photoshop designs into HTML pages. This review reveals the potential benefits and the drawbacks of PSD to HTML Conversion services being carried out by the respective conversion firm.

Highlights of User Requirements
  • Several Photoshop layers collectively represents one single image, they need to be transformed into one single layer in HTML.
  • Fonts used in the PSD layout must remain in their original outlook along with line spacing, text alignment, subscript or superscript text, etc.
  • Output HTML code must be SEO friendly and with highly optimized features. It must be altered easily thereafter.

Functionality- PSD to HTML Converter
  • As Photoshop layout consists of PSD layers, HTML template also formed by several CSS or HTML layers. All visible layers are successfully encoded to HTML. Here, it is important to note that:

    -    All the text incorporated layers are transformed to the HTML text blocks
    -    Image encapsulated layers are converted to HTML image blocks

    Note: For a logo or a background, if several layers exist, it is important to group the layers and mark them with ‘#merge’ tag beforehand. The layers of the merge group will automatically be transformed to one single layer while conversion.
  • PSD to HTML Converter preserves the layout and structure of the text layers while conversion to HTML codes to a maximum extent.
  • For non-standard fonts, an image is created with alternative text against the text incorporated in the PSD layer. Service has an important feature that any of Google fonts are embedded automatically. I.e. in addition to text layers with standard web safe fonts any text with google fonts will be automatically converted as text.
  • In the HTML\ CSS output file, PSD layer group is transformed to a div block. It will be converted to "div" only in case it is not tagged like with #header, #header, #ul, etc. So, if it is tagged, for example, as #header then it will be converted as header tag.
PSD to HTML Converter offers Additional Features
While selecting the conversion format and features, the conversion firm allows selecting following attributes

The Layout
Layout type can be selected by marking any one option from the provided alternatives:

layout type

  • Fixed Width Layout
  • Flexible backgrounds
  • Flexible width layout
  • Let the service decide

Font size Units

Font size and properties can be selected by marking any one option among the given alternatives:

  • em
  • px
  • %
  • Rem (added recently)
Convert Text layers to Text
While initiating conversion from PSD design layers to HTML pages, the conversion firm ask to convert all text layers irrespective of standard and non-standard fonts to HTML font layers:

covert text layers to text
  • Yes
  • No

Text Direction
This feature is appropriate for the languages that are read from right to left direction such as Arabian language. So, appropriate option can be selected while conversion:

Text Direction
  • LTR (Left to Right)
  • RTL (Right to Left)
Remove Unused Images
PSD to HTML Converter offers this option to avoid conversion of redundant layers or data as this will save time. I have selected ‘Yes’ for this option:

remove unused images
  • Yes
  • No
Cons & Pros
  • Talking about the benefits, the conversion firm offers a couple of potential features that makes design to code journey successful and efficient.
  • There are no such drawbacks or shortcomings found in the conversion procedure or the final output.
  • There is PSD to HTML Conversion API is also available, but you’ll need to contact the owners first for more details.
  • PSD to HTML Converter firm have charged 3 USD for one single conversion.
  • Subscription to the services is offered for 1 day, 30 days or 60 days at a flat rate of 6.99, 19 and 99 USD respectively and unlimited PSD to HTML conversion can be availed. 

PSD to HTML Converter offers effective conversion features and delivers error free high grade coded pages, validated to W3C standards. Its price mechanism is quite impressive and affordable. Additional features being offered while conversion makes the tool even more scalable such as PSD file to HTML5 and CSS3 Code. Where shape layers are from PSD file are represented as CSS3 code in resulting markup. You can read more about CSS3 support.
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A Mobile Phone Spy app by Your Side Means No Worries at all

A Mobile Phone Spy app by Your Side Means No Worries at all
You have tried peeking through the key holes. You have stood outside your child’s bedroom for hours trying to eavesdrop on their conversation. You have gone through God knows what difficulties to make sure that your child is not into anything illegal or immoral.

                        XNSPY Cell Phone Spy

Well guys, I’ve got good news for you. No! I’ve in fact got‘Great’ news for you. Now you don’t need to go through any difficulties at all to get to know about your child’s activities. With the help of a mobile phone spy app like Xnspy, you can have access to the entire mobile phone data of your child anytime and from anywhere in the world.

What is Xnspy?
Wouldn’t you say that a spy software that helps you track the exact location of your child at any time and provides you detailed records of the cell phone usage of your child is praise worthy? To get started with Xnspy, you just need to sign-up for your Xnspy account. Next, you will download this mobile phone spy app in your child’s cell phone. Once you have received a username and password from Xnspy, you can access the entire cell phone data of your child through your Xnspy member’s area.

Amazing features:

Xnspy brings with it a few amazing monitoring features that tend to amaze everyone. With the help of these features:
  1. You can view all the SMS messages sent and received by your child. You can also view the messages saved in drafts.
  2. You can record the surroundings of your child’s cell phone whenever you want to.
  3. You can viewall the Contact numbers in your child’s Phonebook.
  4. You can view all the incoming and outgoing call records of your child. You can even record all the calls or any particular call if you wish to.
  5. You can trace the exact location of your child at any time you want to.
  6. You can view all the Pictures, Audio and Video files in your child’s cell phone.
  7. You can view the entire web browsing history of your child.
  8. You can view all the e-mails of your child.

This smart and cool mobile phone spy app is compatible with a wide range of mobile phone companies. These include:
  1. iPhone and all its models having an operating system of 6.0 or more. This includes all the iPhone models from iPhone 3G to iPhone 6 Plus.
  2. All the HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, LG, Sony, Lenovo, Oppo, Dell, Acer and other Android phones having an operating system of2.3 or higher than that.
  3. No worries:

Xnspy helps you find out all the information that you need to know in relation to your child’s mobile phone. Parents can take a sigh of relief now and relax all they want. This mobile phone spy app will take away all your worries.
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